Miniatures, A Statement

would like to state my primary area of interest in Fantasy Miniatures. A lot of people enjoy table-top war games and this sort of thing has been going on for many centuries. Naturally, nicely colored armies will instill awe and fear in your opponent, thus, one should endeavour to paint every piece in one’s army. Now I personally have never played any table top war games (except perhaps for chess or board (bored) games. My main purpose in painting and collecting Fantasy Miniatures is to PAINT and COLLECT them. Naturally, being an avid Role-player, I have used many of my miniatures in everyday gaming. This works out great because you have to start painting all sorts of different minis to have a variety for your players. Also, it encourages you players to paint with you and perhaps even buy minis for you to paint! Unfortunately, interest in my circles in Role-playing games is waning due to the influx of amazingly cool video games such as Diablo 2, Baldur’s Gate and the new one’s (you know what I’m talking about if you are an AD&D; player). These games are so amazingly amazing, that they will actually cause people to shun the social interaction of the gaming table to stare blankly at a monitor. In a way though, this is a good thing for collecting miniatures. Now all of my minis are safely stashed in my house and are not constantly getting picked up, passed around, put down, knocked over and generally beat upon by a voracious band of heroes that just lost their only Cleric to Blibdlpoolp.

Some of my earliest stuff was not too pretty either when it came to painting with Testors enamels and other horible things. This Bugbear was one of the very first minis I ever painted, likely in 1984 or even earlier.

He looks okay, but that paint is thick! The blue vest doesn’t really blow my hair back anymore either 😀 Now after years of practice, and discovering the internet, much more amazing results can be seen! After years of hard work and countless botherings of other Masters of the Art, I have come to complete grips with my Figmentia, and can produce work like this Dwarf from the new English company, Hasslefree Miniatures.

I found at one point that I was in a void really. I had a group of friends I gamed with, and we sat around and painted for our campaigns. It was fun and we did some really cool things, but in hindsight, there was never a “Master” to compare to. Discovering the internet opened my eyes to an incredible new dimension of the hobby. One of the first sites I found was Dominic Heutelbeck’s fantastic site, as well as one from Paul Raukus. These guys showed me the shear level of detail and highlighting/shading one could do. After joining several budding e-groups (now with thousands of enthusiasts) I began digesting all of the new techniques, from layering, blending and blacklining all the way to non-metallic metals and other great techniques! Now, I have done work for various companies, collectors and contests! It has been a heck of a fun ride, and one I hope doesn’t end anytime soon!

About Me

My name is Glyn Evans and I am Canadian (though of Scottish descendence). I am 34 years old and I live in central Alberta. I have been painting miniatures off and on for around 16+ years, though I haven’t done serious work until lately. I have also enjoyed many long nights (and weekends) of Role-Playing games, mainly 1st edition AD&D, Role-master, Merp and Shadowrun. I have flirted with other games such as Call of Cthulhu, Star Frontiers and numerous others. Now, most of my gaming associates have succombed to the influx of ever-improving computer games (I don’t think mention of them is needed) and many of these are what keeps me from painting all of the time. I also enjoy building (and yes, painting especially) scale models, mostly WWII German aircraft though I do some work on (German) tanks and British aircraft. I am now working for an engineering firm in Red Deer as a design-draftsman so I probably spend more time working (playing) on the computer than breathing. I am currently involved in a long term relationship and have a twelve year old boy.

This is a sketch of one of my characters. He was probably a Paladin-like character (they are so fun to play because you can annoy the hell out of everyone). I also read a lot of science fiction and fantasy books. My favorite authors include Michael Moorcock, Douglas Adams (I remove my hat in humble respect), J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft and James Blish.

Naturally, I also watch a lot of movies. Some call my taste cerebral but I just happen to enjoy off-stream movies (mostly). Some of my favorites include any old Star Trek (especially the original series (KIRK IS GOD) and movies, horror such as The Thing, Event Horizon and In the Mouth of Madness, and great fantasy/history like Highlander, Excalibur, Willow and many others. One of my current favorites is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. My favorite actors include WILLIAM SHATNER (no special treatment intended), Jurgen Prochnow (The Keep, Judge Dread, The Seventh Sign, Das Boot and the afforementioned Mouth of Madness, Julian Sands and Johnny Depp.

Some classic must see horror movies….

Great swordplay and some manly acting….

The best of the best…

I also enjoy watching sports on television, especially Montreal Canadiens hockey, Toronto Blue Jays baseball and the odd Newcastle United football game if they ever play them. I enjoy playing street hockey immensely (I am not that good of a skater) and I play ball in the summer in a fun league.

Now that you are totally bored, I’ll let you get back to miniatures.

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