How do I sign up?

Well it is easy. This login and signup is totally seperate from the Electric Ocean forums, so if you signed up there, you must also sign up for the GTs. On the main page, there is a button near the top right, called aptly, “Register”. This will open a dialogue box that allows you to create your account. Follow the directions.

I can’t seem to log in…

Sometimes, when you use the “Login” dialogue, it seems to hang, and appears as though you entered something incorrectly. Simply close the Login box and enter the gallery you want. It shoul dnow show you as logged in. It is but a small glitch 😀

How do I create a Painter Album?

There is a large Album called the Painter Albums. This is where you go to create your own album. One which can have a picture of you, and alternate views of your entries so that your actual entry follows th etwo view guideline. Once you ar ein the main Painter Album area, simply use the pull down Options to find “Create Album” and go from there. Only you and the admin can alter these albums.

How do I enter the current contest?

Go to the topmost Contest album and once inside, use the Pulldown Options to Add a Photo. Most pics will not need any adjusting at all. After you have added your photo, you can find the same Options Pulldown directly beneath it (since you are the owner of it). You may now use the “Edit Text” Option to add in your write up and other comments.

I want to comment on someone’s picture…

You have to be logged in. Once you are in a gallery, you can click on the individual entries. Underneath the full size picture, you will find the “Add Comment” button. Pretty straightforward. It will leave your account name as well so nothing rude!!!

How do I vote?

After the 25th of each month, the Admin will set the poll to active for the current contest. When you log in and enter the Contest album, you will now see a “First, Second and Third Choice” button under each entry. Pick one of each. Hit the “Vote” button and you are done! Once voting is over and the new month’s contest is ready to start, all voting will be closed and the results posted.

Can I copy the pics?

For personal reference use only. I would suggest that simply taking a painter’s image and posting it somewhere is bad form, unless you give credit where credit is due. You can always leave a comment asking anyways, just to be safe! Remember, the images are all the property of the painters…

Are there prizes?

At present no. The contest was sponsored by Reaper fo rthe first year and a half, but now the big prize is simply beating out a lot of excellent artists. The admin is looking into other sponsorship in the future.

A special thanks to Terry Adams for all his hard work, and Tony Erdelji for his continued help with the archives! Mostly, thanks to everyone who has entered, voted, and commented thus allowing this fun contest to go on for over 3 years now and become a coveted award to win!

If you have any questions, please MAIL them in!

The Myconid Illustration is owned by Erol Otus and used with permission. Any reference to manufacturer or use of copyrighted terminology or materials is purely coincidental and no claim to ownership is intended. “Golden Toadstool” and all content is the property of Glyn Evans.