Dungeon Master Guide

Remember the old days. The glory days. . When people cared more about quality than quantity, when Cryptocurrency Trading was beyond the realm of the possible and people had other ways of spending time and money. The Dungeon Masters Guide had a huge freaking Efreet on the cover, and the Player’s Handbook showed some dungeon pillaging… All seemed fine back then. The party rested. The Pipes of Qwaalish were quiet and the Eye and Hand of Vecna were safely hidden forever. Suddenly, a sweaty, misproportioned soda guzzling figure at the end of a long table pulled out a book. Not any book, but the NEW module. “Eat this players” he softly whispered to himself. Reaching for the bowl of chips, the nearest player espied “Expedition to the Barrier Peaks” on the cover. Hmmmm. Some fungus men or something. How hard can this be?

I remember it well. Especially the artwork. The vivid pictoral handbook that came with the module was stock full of brilliantly rendered images, mostly by a master in his own right, Erol Otus. His list of artwork associated with the Dungeons and Dragons game as well as Star Control and other projects, is copious indeed, and will not be named here. However, some of Erol’s own favorite artwork shall be displayed, and as a special treat, some of his very own miniatures, especially painted by Erol many years ago.

Please enjoy this collection of sketches, paintings and miniatures as much as I have putting it all together!