Priestess of the Jade Scythe

My first I-Kore minature 🙂 This miniature represents the first round of a contest on The Miniature Page. The general idea is as follows: We started with around 80 contestants, and we all posted our finest work. After I believe 4 rounds of elimination voting, the final 10 (11 actually due to a tie) begin The Last Painter Standing Contest. What this involves, is we all paint up the same miniature and do a write-up about it as well. After a month and all the entries ar ein (or you are eliminated), a vote is held, and one painter is eliminated for round two and so on, until there is but one painter left! What follows is my first write up as it appears on The Miniature Page. To begin with, I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Bill and the crew at I-Kore for putting this on! It is both […]