Welcome to the Golden Toadstool V3.1!!!

A special thanks to Terry Adams for all his hard work, and Tony Erdelji for his continued help with the archives! Now we also add Chern Ann from CoolMiniorNot to the list of thanks as he has graciously allowed us to make a Fungal Forum for discussion of the contest! Mostly however, thanks to everyone who has entered, voted, and commented thus allowing this fun contest to go on for over 4 years now and become a coveted award to win!

The Contest:

This is purely a fun and educational contest. More than anything, the ultimate reward is simply bragging rights. This is a wide open contest, meant to showcase the best new work from any manufacturer, and any genre. There are always a ton of great, high quality entries, but I fully encourage painters of all skill levels to enter. The competition is meant to be fun, and there is the award for improvement associated with the contest! The contest itself is located at:

The Golden Toadstool Contest (v3.1)

This is where the entries are located, and all comments and votes are made. Please read the FAQ to sign up and participate! You do not have to enter, but you can leave comments on any entry when you are logged in. Also, log in to vote when it is time! Normal discussion may continue regarding all entries at the Fungal Forum at CoolMiniorNot. If you have any questions, please MAIL them in!

The contest consists of two parts. The first, and main part of the contest is the Golden Toadstool. This is the actual painting contest and everyone gets to vote and pick the overall best entry every month (remember you cannot vote for your own or you will be disqualified)! The second part is the Fungal Growth. The Fungal Growth award represents a painter’s progress as he or she learns more and paints to a higher standard. This award will be decided by the painting community and voted on in the Fungal Forum at CMoN.

The Rules:

Basically, this contest is wide open. You may enter any sized figure, diorama or vignette from any manufacturer. Sounds simply great! It is, BUT there are some very important rules that MUST be followed to be a valid entry.

Technical Write-Up

Keeping in theme with the learning and teaching aspect of the contest, a write-up describing the process used to create your entry must be added in the description of your entry. This can be done when you upload your entry. This allows other people to learn and share ideas as well. Try to put effort into this aspect, as it is always so welcome to many viewers to read and learn new techniques. Short descriptions are okay, but then a lot of people visit the site and galleries because they *do* want to learn new things.

Newly Completed Work

The work must have been completed within the month the entry is for. If you want to enter for July, you must finish the entry in July. You can spend 10 months painting your miniature, but it must be completed in this time frame to be a legal entry.

Photos and Views

The photo size is only limited by the album. I believe it is quite large now, so take advantage of it! However, the image is still limited to either two views merged OR a single view and ONE thumbnail or detail. In other words, you cannot have a mosaic of 4 views and 3 detail insets. You can create a painter’s album to add more views, or simply link to your own website or gallery in your description.

Other Rules and Miscellany

  • Voting will commence on the 1st of each month and run for approximately 7 days. The winner is announced after this.
  • Voting consists of a First, second and third choice.
  • In case of a point tie at the end of voting, the win will be awarded to the entry with more first place votes.
  • You may only post one entry per month.
  • You cannot vote for your own entry.
  • You may change your entry and write-up until the deadline.
  • Any blatant abuse of voting will lead to permanent disqualification.
  • Winners agree to have their work posted in the Golden Toadstool archives, Coolminiornot, and anywhere else that the winner is announced. The image will be altered to have the Toadstool Icon attached by myself and labelled as the winner for that contest.
  • Pieces done for other contests are fully eligeable as long as they abide by all the other rules. Bring on the GD entries!
  • No griping. This contest is 110% good natured, and some comments are meant as critique. Don’t get excited if a comment appears negative. Any flaming or rudeness will be dealt with quickly.
  • If your picture is deemed inappropriate or your entry breaks ANY of the contest rules (especially the NEW work clause), it may be removed or you may be instructed to remove it. In such a case, the picture would be excluded from voting altogether.

Any reference to him or her or it specifically mean an androgenous life form and should not be taken as biased in any way, shape or form 🙂 The Myconid Illustration is owned by Erol Otus and used with permission. Any reference to manufacturer or use of copyrighted terminology or materials is purely coincidental and no claim to ownership is intended. “Golden Toadstool” and all content is the property of Glyn Evans.