CANVAS PAINTING- A widely loved form of painting

We have all, at some point in our lives have tried to paint in our lives. Most iconic of which is our childhood painting with a house between the mountain along with a river painting! Some of us have clasped on to the painter within us whereas, most of us are afraid to hold a brush. But, why do we need to paint? What good does it do? For starter, painting is a great stress buster, and also, haven’t we heard ‘ a pen is mightier than the sword’?  We must also know that a picture is worth a thousand words! So paint to express and communicate.

Now, what comes to one’s mind when thinking of painting? Colors, brushes, a big white canvas?! Of course, that’s what painting is about but also so much more. We know the tradition of painting goes as back as traced history of a man. Painting has been a prime source of communicating to mass and still holds the power to communicate with millions without a word. We’ve all heard about so many famous paintings, hearing about the auctions and awards received for painting. Now, what makes them special? What is it that sets one artwork from another? Why is painting by famous artists worth so much?

At some point most of us have thought about it, wondering how could one paint so well. Well, the answer to most of the above question is the passion and the thought that goes into a painting, the thought, and emotion-driven strokes which combine together to make a good painting. One could also argue about some of the paintings, calling it overrated and unsatisfactory but we know that art is a subjective topic. To one a painting may just seem like a combination of lines and paints, the same painting to others might be a work of unmatched beauty and could be a product of immense patience and talent.

There are various forms of paintings following varieties of trends over the centuries, some of which are-

•    Portraits

•    Scenic painting

•    Abstract painting

•    Modern art

•    Expressionism

•    Realism

•    Fauvism

Above mentioned are few of the most followed and known styles of painting.

One can practice painting of various styles by themselves at home. The supplies are easily available at the art stores or can even be ordered online. While the methods can be mastered by practicing. In this on-going digital trend, you can find all the information you need along with visual tutorials online.

You can paint using various methods and in a variety of mediums to complete your art piece. There is-

•    Watercolor

Watercolors are water-soluble paints and are generally referred to as a transparent medium. Watercolors,  post-drying gives a light, subtle appearance due to which appears almost transparent, hence the name It dries quick but requires multiple coats to achieve the desired intensity of the color. Comes in the form of dried color cake or even in the form of a paste. Colour intensity depends on the amount of water mixed with the paint.

One has to be consistent with the strokes to see the desired outcome. You can keep practicing and you can use watercolor just right!

•    Oil painting

Another widely used medium to paint. The paint pigment is combined with a drying oil base as a binder. Oil paints are widely used to paint portraits, sceneries and various other forms of painting.

Oil paints can take a while to dry, sometime it might require a few days to completely dry. Unlike watercolors, oil paints can be used to rectify a mistake and can be painted over. Oil paintings can be done with the help of a brush or even a palette knife. Some artists paint a portrait with bare hands even. But, upon drying the paint gives a glossy shine and is commonly used for realistic paintings.

•     Acrylic paints

Acrylic paint being one of the most versatile of all paints can be painted over various surfaces. Did you know, most of the DIY paint videos you see use acrylic paint?! It is because of the ability of the paint of cover almost any and ever surface, be it wood, tile, fabric, plastic, glass and of course, our favorite- canvas!

Acrylic paint is easy to apply and dries quickly, thus, must be quickly applied over the surface. This paint does not require mixing of water and must be used as it is.

•    Pastels

Pastels have set their mark to be light, subtle and give a soft look. Sometimes it gets difficult to identify pastel from a crayon or a colored chalk stick.

Dry or soft pastels are basically pigmented components compressed under high pressure to form a crayon like a stick. These pastels can be used to paint over a canvas or paper. It can be applied by simple dabbing technique. A brush or a cotton ball is generally used to apply the paint over a surface or it can also be simply applied by hands. This powdery substance is easy to wash off and some type of pastels can be erased by use of an eraser.

These are few of the popular medium of painting. Apart from this, we have Gauche, wax-based paints, spray paints. It is believed that an artist is not limited to the mediums to paint, you can create a painting of your style by even mixing various supplies or creating your medium to paint.

You need not be Picasso or Leonardo to be able to paint, so go ahead and paint that canvas with colors as bright as your soul or colors as dark as your humor! And every painting will be a masterpiece *wink*

You can thusly, self-learn, take tutorials and practice and can be an artist in making, just pick up that brush and paint your style. Pro tip- if those strokes don’t turn out as your will or make no sense, call it your abstract art! And remember, your paint mediums do not define your art.