The Miniature Painting Guild

What are fantasy Miniatures? They are small figures, usually in the 25 to 28mm scale range. They are usually made of lead or pewter and sometimes plastic, and come quite unpainted and plain. What is involved in painting them? Well a heck of a lot really, though to get some satisfactory results early on isn’t too difficult. There is a section later that will deal with some tips towards painting these tiny figures, as well as links to other sites and groups that can give ample help when needed! Read more interesting things about Miniatures, and myself HERE!

Please feel free to join my Guildmembers Mailing List if you want updates and general discussion regarding this fantastic hobby!

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Here is a list of Chronological Updates to the site of imminent interest :o)

04/05/2009 The second character for our annual reunion AD&D convention, Quequelis Raventongue of the Lilac Order… done with a glowy Mace of Disruption!

04/05/2009 The first character for our annual reunion AD&D convention, Titch the Blade… This rogue sports a load of straps and buckles and other fun bits!

04/05/2009 Started painting a really interesting miniature of Thor holding a bag of gold. This piece was commissioned by NordicReviews. The mighty god stands on pile of coins. Can’t wait to finish it!

03/20/2009 I have added a very small Gingerbread Golem to my Reaper gallery… Behold Terry the Angry Ginger Man! He is only on a 10mm round base, so much smaller than usual!

03/13/2009 The newest minis I have completed are two Reapers, done as a commission for some D&D characters. The first is Alaine the Paladin, converted to be an elf and the second is Lindir Lightarrow…

03/12/2009 Well well well! It has been some time since an update and in fact, some time since I have finished any miniatures! The first mini I am posting was actually completed last year in april at GrotsCon in Red Deer. This Warhammer convention was hosted by our local club, the Grots, and of coures I went and painted all day. I chose a plastic GW goblin as a project and I call him Karnak the Watcher.

01/22/2008 I have finally finished a roughly trimmed plastic Space Marine! My first ever, he is from the Death Knight Space Marine chapter.

01/01/2008 Well I will kick off the New Year with two new minis! I have finally finished two Newbold World miniatures after having them on my desk for nigh on a year! The first is a Trollgrim Heavyweight boxer and the second is a Trollgrim Cornerman. Check ’em out and have a super New Year!

12/30/2007 I have some new Crappy Mini or Not Submissions! The first is Lorna the Huntress by Lisa D. Wood, and the second is a Bloodbowl player by Aaron Platt!

12/25/2007 I have began painting again after some time away!! I recently painted up a pair of characters for a friend’s D&D campaign players. One is Baerwyn, an archer from Reaper. The other is a “Warforged” character… I do not know what line the mini is from :O If you can tell me, I would appreciate it!

02/06/2007 I have finished my Golden Goblin 3rd place winning Asurmen, the Hand of Asuryan and uploaded him to my GW gallery. I am happy to say, he is staying in my cabinet!!!

01/28/2007 Yesterday was the Golden Goblin painting competition at the GW store in Kingsway mall up in Edmonton. This was my first “live” comp and I ended up winning first in the LOTR category with Gandalf the White, 3rd in 40K with my slightly unfinished Asurmen (no gallery yet) and the Giant did not place in Fantasy. It was really fun, and good to meet everyone there! Here is a pic of my entries and trophies.

01/11/2007 The first mini of the New Year is Isabelle, from Hasslefree. There are some naughty bits on her, so be forewarned!

12/23/2006 This is the second of a batch of Hasslefree minis. She is a representation of Selene from the Underworld movies, painted as a surprise present for my wife!

12/23/2006 I have been very busy trying to meet a couple of Christmas deadlines, and I begin with an Ice Elf from Hasslefree miniatures. She was painted up using only 6 colors.

11/10/2006 I have finished the GW Giant and named him “Grok Stonecrusher” after a Stone Giant character I played once in a D&D campaign.

11/07/2006 The Giant is nearly complete. He will be done by week’s end guaranteed!

09/23/2006 I have done a little more work on the giant. A lot of fiddly things, like straps and such. Still more to go, but it is definately getting close now!

09/06/2006 I have received pictures of Donny’s Green Knight, which turned out really great, so I have uploaded them to the guest gallery πŸ™‚

09/01/2006 I have finally painted something! I present Russ, Dwarven Adventurer as a present for a friend. Check out the fancy sculpted ‘shroom on his base!

06/25/2006 Donny has finished more of his Bretonnians for his page in the Guest Gallery. The improvement is easily visible, and I can’t wait to see his Green Knight!

05/16/2006 Another overdue but largish update on the Giant! Hair, bones, nails… more yet πŸ™‚

05/09/2006 I have been doing some work on the Giant again, and hopefully, he will be getting closer and closer to completion as the days go on!

04/20/2006 The giant’s skin is complete, and I have began working on his multi-colored pants!

04/06/2006 I have finished shading a *lot* of skin on the new Giant. Check out the progress in the WIP gallery πŸ™‚

03/28/2006 Keep your eyes peeled for almost daily updates in my WIP gallery, as I work on the new Giant from Games Workshop!

03/24/2006 I have finally finished a long overdue commission, Alric, King of Dwarves in metallics. He is also set up on my first wooden display base. Pretty nice little job if I may say so myself πŸ™‚

03/11/2006 I have finished a new Reaper miniature, Krista, Ritterlich Warmaiden in metallics. These are my first pictures which I have tried using a home-made light tent for. I think they came out pretty good, with much less glare.

03/02/2006 After Ebay pulled my first set of auctions for using my nickname in the titles and other silliness, I have reposted the four figures on EBAY right now. They are the Empire Wizard, the Grey Elf, the Fire Elemental and Tanshiro (aka Kung Fu Joe)…

02/27/2006 I have touched up the old Wizard of Dusk and Dawn . Here is the updated Empire Wizard… just in time to auction off on EBAY.

02/23/2006 I have added a new guest miniature to the guest gallery. This is the first mini painted by a fellow at work. Check out Donny’s Bretonnian Knight! Very good for a first mini πŸ˜€

02/01/2006 I had just finished a very quick Hasslefree martial artist for the Toadstools in January, and finally touched him up a little bit. I really needed to finish a mini or two though to get out of the funk I have really been in. Check out Kung Fu Joe

01/31/2006 I have painted up a new plastic dwarf from GW at our local gaming club’s “Paint a Dwarf day”. Check him out here…

11/09/2005 I have finished a new mini πŸ˜€ This one is a bit saucy… the Poledancer from Hasslefree minis!

Disclaimer: There are most definately naughty bits shown so don’t blame me if you are offended!

10/25/2005 Just in time for Halloween, I have painted up the Cenobaby…

09/21/2005 I have finished Osato, Shaolin Monk from Hasslefree miniatures for a friend in Calgary’s D&D campaign.

08/20/2005 Well after much time away, I have finally finished a quick mini! In an effort to get the feel I did up a nice little Tiriel d’Arc from Hasslefree in metallics πŸ™‚ She is up for auction starting Sunday evening on Ebay.

06/03/2005 I have taken some time off, but there are still to be updates! I have received the “Doombunny” for my Crappy Mini or Not gallery from Amalor Myrnnyx!!! Watch for a new quick mini from me soon, just to get back into the swing of things!

05/08/2005 I have finished my first new “Urban War” miniature from Urban Mammoth (I-Kore). Check out the Colonial Marine Veteran Sargeant

04/16/2005 I have painted my first tank for Flames of War. Check out the Panther D!

04/09/2005 I have finished my first Lord of the Rings miniature. Check out Gandalf the White!

03/26/2005 In a sudden spurt of Figmentia, I have painted up Takawara from Hasslefree Miniatures…

03/24/2005 Finally! I have finished a special gift for Kev and Sally White for Christmas! I present The Dread Pirate Kjaran!

03/20/2005 I can now show my two Chick Challenge entries. Meiying, Flower of the East was my first, and a 54mm Dragyri Wail was my second. They are both for sale presently πŸ™‚ I have also uploaded my wife’s entry, Lirilith, the Demoness and she did fantastic for one of her first minis ever!!!.

03/10/2005 I have uploaded an article to introduce painters to painting glass bottles with fluid inside. Pretty basic, but it should get some ideas across! I have voted in the Chick Challenge, and I anxiously await the finish and posting of winners! I really want to show off my entries I guess πŸ˜€

02/21/2005 After a long break, and two completed Chick Challenge entries (can’t show yet sorry), I whipped up the gymnast from Hasslefree for some stress relief. Check out “Autumn” the Gymnast

02/01/2005 I just want to keep everyone in the loop here. I have one entry completed for the 5th Chick Challenge contest, and progress on my 2nd is coming along sweet. I may try to fit something quick in when I am done the 2nd, but I don’t know yet. Due to the rules of the contest I cannot post any pics of WIPs or completed entries until after the contest is over! In the meantime, and in between time, read my ZaphBlog πŸ˜›

01/17/2005 I have finished several Hasslefree martial artists. Oko is the Jade Assassin , andshe is for sale now! I have finished another, but cannot display her yet for reasons beyond my control πŸ™‚

01/13/2005 Birkir”Calavera” Ellertsson has submitted a great repaint of an Aenur figure in my Crappy Mini or Not gallery!

01/01/2005 Happy New Year all! Hope everyone had a great 2004 πŸ™‚

12/29/2004 I am posting Sparr and Simon from Hasslefree on my For Sale page πŸ™‚

12/25/2004 My family and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season! Please enjoy visiting and good times, but do not drink and drive! SEASON’S GREETINGS!


12/23/2004 I have uploaded a really great step-by-step article on Scenic Basing done by Ian “Lonewolf” Haynes! Thanks Ian! It kicks butt!!!

12/16/2004 The other entry in the McGobbo contest is Simon, Barman! He is up in glorious technicolor now!

12/16/2004 I have created an MSN “Space” to act as a Blog of sorts… Check it out and leave a comment. Expect regular updates, and many topics, from minis, music and traffic to politics and anything…. I have also added links to Wil Wheaton’s site and Shane Gaalaas, a local drummer in my fun miscellaneous links section.

12/15/2004 Finally some new pics! Actually, I finished the Barman last month, and the Goblin this month. Couldn’t post them however, until the contest was over! Sparr is now posted and hopefully, I can get pics of Simon up tomorrow. I am having insane difficulty with my site e-mail and Dreamweaver uploading at home right now… (help)

11/18/2004 Hey there! Still alive πŸ™‚ I have several projects done and more in the works, but unfortunately, I am unable to show them until a contest deadline is up! Look for some Hasslefree soon! Also, Kevin has done a schwack of figures but I have no pictures as of yet. Hang in there! Maybe I can get somethign quick and nice done by the end of the weekend! Oh, the Crimson Seductress is up on ebay now. I need the moneys for buying a classic old Sci Fi Book, The Trigan Empire, so away she goes!

10/26/2004 Finally finished my 2nd go at Reaper’s Saucy Wench with the Crimson Seductress She is also for sale NOW so go check out my Painting Service/Sales page!!

10/17/2004 I have added several submissions to my Crappy Mini or Not gallery, from Mergram and also Flynn. Both are excellent so please check them out! I have also revamped my Sale/Commission page greatly, including posting Kristian for Sale now!

10/01/2004 It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the passing of my Step-father, Charles (Scotty) Spence, peacefully in his sleep at home. He was a great man, who served his country, and fellow man until the end. He will be missed greatly.

09/30/2004 I have finally finished Kristian from Hasslefree Miniatures. This guy is an awesome figure so go order one now!

09/22/2004 I have uploaded a picture intensive report of Fallcon 17 in Calgary, Alberta! Thanks tons to the Fallcon folks and our sponsors, Hasslefree and Iron Wind for making the weekend such a blast!

09/21/2004 I have finished a Reaper figure, Red Sonja, Swordmaiden that is going up on EBAY tonight!

09/19/2004 Well, back from Fallcon! What a blast. I will be writing up a full report when I have im eto sort through all of the pics and such. Very soon I hope!

09/13/2004 Kevin has finished up a new Barbarian, Rokmar the Kinslayer who is the half brother of Malfyd…

09/10/2004 I have finished a “Mancubus” figure from the game DOOM. He is really cool and done for a friend (Ilkhaim)….

09/06/2004 I have added a link to Gerry (Roktop) Hodgson’s site, as well as a Works In Progress gallery that may have some new things once in a while. Write now, my current project is a Mancubus from Doom and a Reaper Swordgirl….

08/28/2004 I am very excited to announce that my girlfriend of over 4 years and I are engaged as of now! We are looking forward to a wedding in August next year perhaps. Somewhere in BC would be very nice. We are thinking of this place, Lemon Creek Lodge, that has a lodge, cabins and camping as well.

08/25/2004 I have painted up several characters from the Simpsons for a wedding cake topper. Very interesting subject matter πŸ™‚

08/14/2004 Off we go on a holiday trip to beautiful British Columbia. Visiting Fernie, Creston and off through the Slocan Valley πŸ˜€

08/01/2004 We are proud to have gone out and bought our first house! It has been a roller coaster ride of a month, but now we are in and it is infinately better than our old rental :0)

07/27/2004 I have added some manufacturer links to my Links section… Hasslefree, Tactical and more!

07/26/2004 Kevin has been a madman, and has done a very impressive conversion with Kaegan the Marauder .

07/22/2004 Kevin has converted the Heresy “Boris” figure to be Boris of Cimmeria! Check it out!

07/18/2004 Hooray! An update from me! Kevin had an ultimatum about turning the site over to him if i didn’t get anything done… Anyways, I have completed a job for Tactical Miniatures … Anyhow, here is the Hi-Tech villain (Val Kilmer) and the SWAT fella These figures are based on the movie HEAT, and are really quite cool, especially the SWAT guy.

07/08/2004 Kevin has givenus our first update of July! Check out his converted Conan … Solid work as usual!

06/29/2004 Another sweet piece from Kevin this time, his Reaper exchange mini. Check out Kristina Ymirsdotter in his gallery!

06/23/2004 A whole schwack of pictures and some video footage of the 7th Annual Blackfalds Soapbox Derby! Lots of pics so be warned!!!! Be sure to check out the brief crash video as well!

06/20/2004 Kevin has submitted an awesome new barbarian, Malfyd of Cimmeria …. Real cool paintjob, and some special gore effects!

06/16/2004 Wow! Long time with no updates. Well, I have been swamped with ball and buying a house, so it is to be expected! Now though, I have made a new gallery for Hasslefree Miniatures. In this I have uploaded a new figure, Kado, Son of the Dragon . Some freehand stuff on him is kind of a new detailing for me, but I like it πŸ™‚

05/27/2004 I have added a link to a great fantasy artist’s site…. Ron Spencer, of Magic the Gathering fame in my miscellaneous and fun links section..

05/26/2004 Kevin has added a great new piece to his gallery! Check out Byrnor Of Asgard

05/24/2004 We have had another great TAMP meet, and I painted up most of Mephisto, Wizard of Fire at it… Neato Ruby staff anyways πŸ™‚

05/16/2004 I have attempted my first try at source lighting on Murkillor, Wraith King , from Reaper Miniatures. Pretty cool effect actually πŸ˜€

05/14/2004 I have been very quiet of late, but with good reason! Today I have bought my first house! Exciting times ahead πŸ™‚

05/02/2004 I have finished my second Hasslefree figure, Kain, Dwarven Warrior . Very cool sculpt if you ask me πŸ˜€

04/24/2004 Well I have finally gotten off of my duff, and done something! I present my first Hasslefree Miniatures figure, Tiriel, Paladin!

04/16/2004 Again, Kevin is way more inspired than myself! Check out his new Nol-Tyrh of Thurania… Another awesome Barbarian for the gallery πŸ™‚

04/04/2004 Kevin has given me a new Barbarian to add to his gallery. Rothar of Thule, is another great warrior that graces his gallery! Man, those skintones get better every time!

03/31/2004 I have added a large page devoted to my Fungal Championship entry for The Golden Toadstool on Masterclass Miniature Painters. I present “The Beast”, complete with a full write-up.

03/21/2004 My latest entry for the Last Painter Standing Contest on The Miniatures Page is up! This is round 4 and features a Jaguar Strike Craft, that I have painted up in a somewhat unique scheme. I hope everyone likes it. I was very inspired by an excellent Star Trek modeller, Thorsten Scholz.

03/21/2004 I have added Kevin Deming’s latest piece to his gallery, Daffodya, a Fairy, which seems different for him, but very nicely done, and it does fit into his mythology nicely!

03/20/2004 Well, I am back from the best Paint Meet yet. At one point, over 20 of us were floating around doing something! Man, meeting Terry Adams from Electric Ocean in person was way too fun, and as usual, the gang came out in full force, and more! Stay tuned for some photos, a report, and maybe even a little video πŸ˜€

03/12/2004 Also coming up in about one week, is the 2nd Alberta Painter’s Meet at the Sentry Box in Calgary. The first was awesome, and this promises to be even bigger! Terry Adams from Electric Ocean is coming up from San Fransisco, so we have an outstanding first special guest!

03/12/2004 Finished up a little Savage Brown Man from Ral Partha circa 1979. Not sure of the exact name, but I quite like mine πŸ™‚

03/11/2004 I have based and taken new pictures of Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichmaster (aka Sergei Karvalegov). I am thinking of snapping pics of a few other oldies as well.

02/26/2004 I have finished a quick Reaper thief girl. I call it “I got it!” in my Reaper Gallery.

02/23/2004 I have finished two Forsaken Firestorms for Dark Age Games. Check them out here for the first, and here for the second.

02/21/2004 I have added a new Ral Partha Elf Adventurer to my gallery. He is an old figure, one of the 3 stage character sets. I may have to redo the others now πŸ™‚ Though one of the other three was my first go at NMM armor… The new one is much better I think πŸ˜€

02/17/2004 Well work is progressing well on some new stuff that I can’t go into yet, but I will post soon enough. Also, I went and installed the [email protected] software today. Check it out and help in the search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence!

02/07/2004 I have finished my first Spyglass mini, The Two headed Orc, Pick and Flick. Check him out!

02/03/2004 Well some sad news, as our Grandfather passed away last weekend, but on the good side, I can post my Reaper Christmas Sophie now that the contest is over. I am trying ot figure out how to save enough Kopins to go to Gencon, but I don’t know if that will happen πŸ™

01/21/2004 Kevin Deming has finished another great mini, Graffyn of Brythunia, a tribute to Robert E. Howard’s Birthday (January 22nd, 1906), as well as Aelric of Brythunia which is a little older. I have uploaded them both to Kevin’s Gallery!

01/11/2004 I have uploaded my 3rd Round entry for the Last Painter Standing Contest on The Miniatures Page. Vidar Wolfhelm, with a complete write-up!

01/10/2004 I have added another Crappy Mini or Not Submission of a Grim Reaper by HΓ₯kan Ek to my Exhibit πŸ™‚ I have also updated a ton of links in all the categories, Hobby sites, Miscellaneous and Manufacturers….

01/06/2004 I completed Sascha Firemane, a Ral Partha archer girl (the twin of William Bowman actually) tonight. Had to break out of a funk, and not only this, I can probably sell her πŸ˜€

01/04/2004 I have added a Slaanesh Mage to my GW gallery. Very cool figure, painted for a friend.

01/01/2004 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! May the New Year shower great things upon you!

12/29/2003 Well Kevin’s Jaguar Gods have been a huge project, and now he has completed the first incarnation of “Yagua”, The Jaguar God!

12/25/2003 MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! May everyone have a peaceful holiday and share their fun and love with all! Today also marks the grand opening of Kevin Deming’s Guest gallery. Please check it out! All of his minis have a definate “World of Conan” feel, and the stories are inspiring that go along with the characters. Today, we start with “Yagua” Jaguar Goddess, his Chick Challenge IV entry…

12/20/2003 Almost Christmas! 5 days πŸ™‚ Anyways, I have had a nice Druid offered up for my Crappy Mini or Not exhibit from BjΓΆrn Grundey…

12/15/2003 Now tonight is the deadline for The Last Painter Standing Round 2 on The Miniatures Page. I have uploaded my entry to my site as well. Please check out the Void Knight of Balance….

11/26/2003 I have finished and uploaded the Reaper Gold Knight by Werner Klocke. I painted him at the Calgary Meet πŸ™‚ Check out the new settings on my camera (Thanks a ton to Terry adams of Electric Ocean)…

11/23/2003 I have uploaded a report and some pictures of the 1st Meeting our Alberta Painter’s Group has had at The Sentry Box in Calgary! It was a smashing success and I wish to thank everyone who helped organise it and came out to paint or check it out! You folks at the store ROCK! Thanks!

11/19/2003 I am battlign a cold or flu bug, so painting has been slow. However, I have added a whole shabang of links to my Hobbysites area! Check out The Artisan’s Edge, a fellow Canadian as well as Beltane, the home of some awesome Italian painters!

11/14/2003 Lee (Lurch) Adams has donated a Crappy Mini or Not entry! Check out his Elminster in the gallery πŸ™‚

11/10/2003 I have uploaded my first I-Kore mini, Priestess of the Jade Scythe, who is the first round of the Last Painter Standing contest on The Miniatures Page.

11/05/2003 Harry Colquhoun has generously donated an awesome Princess Leia for my Crappy Mini or not gallery!

10/29/2003 I have added updated pictures of some of my other minis that were on display in Calgary at the Sentry Box. Check out the much crisper Dorian Hawkmoon pics and also Donblas the Just, who was probably my second non-drybrushed figure and an early attempt at light sourcing πŸ™‚

10/27/2003 A repaint of a Reaper Templar Knight and new pics of the VIC 7 girl are up in my gallery. Both figures go for auction on EBAY.

10/25/2003 I have uploaded a photo Report of the Calgary 2003 Grand Tournament in my Reports section πŸ™‚

10/18/2003 Morkoth Vipertongue has been added to my Reaper gallery and put up for auction on Ebay!

10/04/2003 An old 1988 RAFM pirate, the Bloodsea Pirate, has been added to my “Other” gallery.

09/30/2003 I have added two older paintjob Reaper Knights to my Ebay auctions! Check them out if you like!

09/28/2003 I have uploaded a Dark Legionnaire painted as a Chaotic Fighter to my Reaper Gallery.

09/27/2003 I have advanced to the Painting Rounds of the “Last Painter Standing” Contest on The Miniatures Page… See upcoming I-Kore minis and articles for details πŸ˜€ The initial rounds started with 80 entrants, and a voting process that spanned 3 rounds! Now we are 11 πŸ™‚

09/23/2003 I uploaded Templar Lightbringer to my Reaper gallery.

09/22/2003 I have added a touched up and new Reaper Miniature, Halbarad the Goodly Priest to my Reaper gallery.

09/22/2003 Added a submission from Becky (Paintwidow), Alyscia of the Forest, to my Crappy Mini or Not Exhibit.

09/16/2003 I have started an EBAY seller account! Check out my auctions πŸ™‚

09/13/2003 I have uploaded my CMoN Contest entry, Zebeyana, Handmaiden of Lolth to my Others Gallery. The pics aren’t great, but until I get better ones, they shall have to do!

09/01/2003 I have added a premier restoration of a Goblin Warlord by Joe (Abstracity) Wiedeman to my Crappy Mini or Not gallery! Thanks Joe! Your entry serves as an example to future contributors!

09/01/2003 Well, I have gone and won the revered Golden Toadstool Fun Painting Competition sponsored by Reaper Miniatures! It is a great honor to win, and after creating and hosting this monthly contest of skill and improvement, it is truly awesome to win the 14th installment with the Technomage of Fire!

08/23/2003 Well we had our 4th Alberta Painter’s Meet in Red Deer! Big time showing this time, and some very nice pics to come!

08/17/2003 Well after much work on a large project and the end of a big commission, I have uploaded my Technomage of Fire to my “Other” gallery.

07/31/2003 I have added a schwack of minis to the Erol Otus Gallery, including a brief explanation of a custom miniature skirmish game…. Go see πŸ˜€

07/26/2003 Well our 3rd Alberta Painter’s Meet was today and I finished an old Ral Partha Ranger and added him to my gallery. Pics to come of some of the figures at the meet in a few days πŸ˜€

07/20/2003 I have uploaded a 1999 Priestess of Light to my “Other” gallery. Also updated the Guest area with a Druid by Ralf Yaknchuk.

07/19/2003 The 2nd Alberta Painter’s meeting was today. Dan Byer from edmonton came down and showed off some cool stuff. I will add a report after the meet next saturday.

07/02/2003 I have began a page featuring some artwork and sketches that are my own ill design. Watch for updates as I dig out some oldies!

06/23/2003 I have added an entry to the Crappy Mini or Not Gallery donated by Darth Foley!

06/14/2003 I have opened my area for Reviews and Reports. I have started this off with a Review of C.J. Cummings’ Cthulhu Statue! Check it out; it is very impressive indeed! I also have done a report from our Alberta Painter’s Meet so have a look and maybe you can organise a meet in your area!

06/11/2003 I have uploaded a Reaper Highlander to my Reaper gallery. A new mini done for fun instead of work. Hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚

06/08/2003 I have created a Bulletin Board forum for all of the Fantasy Figure Fanatics out there. It will cover painting, converting, photography, RPGs, and a whole whack of other things, including a chat option! Check it out!

06/07/2003 I have uploaded a quick Khorne Champion and some Talisman Frogs to my Games Workshop gallery. Also integrating new e-mail for the site to contact me, and setting up a mailing list for folks to join up if they like!

05/25/2003 I have uploaded the Iphigenia Dragondawn to my Reaper gallery. I almost finished her at the meet, and did some touch ups and designs today. I also uploaded a very quick Talisman warrior to my Games Workshop gallery, and I also based and updated Lord Sunder’s Chaos warriors in the Guest gallery! I have also started a “For Sale” section of my Painting Service, featuring a freshly based Grenadier Fighter Cleric. Busy day indeed!

05/24/2003 Well, the Alberta Meeting was great fun and very inspirational as well! Not only did I get to see and share some awesome minis, but I met some other local painters as well! I can’t wait for the next meet!

05/23/2003 I have uploaded several pages of GW Chaos warriors to the Games Workshop gallery. There are two Nurgle, two Slaanesh and two Tzeentch warriors. Also, tomorrow is the big meeting of Alberta Mini Painters so I am quite excited! I shall attempt to post a report of some sort when I get back!

05/14/2003 Well, ball season has started, so mini painting will slow for a few months, but I have now uploaded a second great page of artwork to the Erol Otus gallery. Features some old classics, and a new treat as well from the Hackmaster module “Netherdeep”. Hoping to get some pics taken this weekend coming up, and also looking forward to an Alberta mini painter’s meet in a few weeks! Should be fun πŸ™‚

05/04/2003 Uploading of the gallery stuff is complete! Now, with some patience, I can slowly add bits here and there πŸ˜€

05/03/2003 I have reorganised and uploaded all of the links and I have also began uploading the gallery stuff, starting with Games Workshop miniatures as well as my Reaper miniatures.

05/03/2003 I have added the old tips sections to the new site as well as my Cthulhu Beast Diorama conversion “The Lesser of Two Evils”.

05/02/2003 I designed new menu buttons for the index, and I have uploaded my Biography section as well as the Commission page.

05/01/2003 I have uploaded the Crappy Mini or Not Gallery. Feel free to contact me about a submission!

05/01/2003 I have uploaded the Erol Otus gallery to the new site. Please enjoy πŸ˜€

04/30/2003 Well I have switched hosts now, and I am courteously being hosted by Hopefully, I will slowly start adding content as I build the site back up to it’s previous level.

01/16/2002 The original Miniature Painting Guild came online, complete with banner ads, poor pictures, and generally all things annoying πŸ™‚