Wet Pallettes

Please ignore the letters :P

The idea behind a wet pallette is that you can use smaller amounts of paint, and keep them moist for longer periods of time. This is good for mixing colros and keeping those blends just right. What the pallette consists of is a plastic tray with a thin sponge inside. You wet the sponge, and put special Pallette paper on top. This allows some of the moisture to get through and stop the paints from hardening! One thing to keep in mind, is that dust and other debris will ruin your paint, so you should cover areas you are not using with a paper towel say. Also, after a while, you will want to change paper and clean it up anyways ;) They should not cost more than $20 or $25 and I feel it is very worthwhile! Keep that paint fresh though! Paint lots. Paint often :D

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