Cool Skin Tones

Barbarian Skin

I have always been a fan of Frazetta, and Boris Vallejo. I find their painting of muscle tones to be awesome, and some of the work using daker opposing colors really stands out in my mind. Keeping this in mind, I used the following colors and techniques...

The letters mark out my flesh tones.

A Vallejo Game Color Dwarf Flesh
B Vallejo Flat Flesh
C Vallejo Reflective Green
D Mixing with white for highlights and fingernails and such

What I do is Start with the base Dwarf Flesh color, and mix someof the Flat Flesh in and begin highlighting. Adding white further enhances the appearance and it is great for doing muscle striations as well as fiddly fingernails and such. There is an area on my pallette where some of the green is mixed into the dwarf flesh. Basically, I start with a tiny bit of green, and add more and more in little increments. This is used to shade in the areas between the muscles... It would be very cool on a larger model I think! Frazetta rules :D

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