Painting with Metallics

There are really two ways of painting metal objects. One is usign the NMM or non-metallic metal technique or you can actually use metallic paints, and various mediums for tinting them, shading and highlighting. Hopefully some of this will help you do more that just paint plain old silver armor! The text that follow will relate to the four sections of this picture; A, B, C and D.

Once your base color of metallics has been applied, there are different ways of bringing depth to them, so that they look worn, or shaded...


The basic idea behind this, is that I mix a different medium into the metallic paint to add color, or change the shade. I like adding inks fo rthis, as they are generally very thin and a small amount can alter the color quite significantly. In Picture B, The steel plates have been base colored silver, and then by adding some blue ink and black ink in increasing amounts, I can shade the metal and also give it a slight blue hue, to simulate some magical metal for instance. I would tend to layer the shading and highlights, just like normal opaque colors. This is another option, using opaque paints liek browns for instance mixed with metallics to create different depths...

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