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The homepage of a fellow Albertan painter of great skill, Angela (Saxonangel) Imrie. Check out the fantastic galleries and tips on NMM.

Fellow Canadian Patrick Gordon shows off some great stuff and a lot of variety in genre. Sci Fi, Fantasy, he likes them all!

The site of Demon winning Albertan Dan (Jericho) Byer. Great stuff, especially 40K and Inquisitor. Watch as he explores new areas of painting, and fills out this awesome looking site!

A local fellow and friend I met through Painting Meets, Gerry (Roktop) Hodgson is turning into an accomplished painter! Recently won some Demons so check it out!

Bloodsilver is the RPG and miniature gaming site of a fellow Albertan with a keen take on the hobby as a whole! There is a lot to check out here, so take your time, and enjoy Terry (Morgramen) Keith's awesome site!

Dominic Heutelbeck's wonderful site. He has many galleries, an extensive section on brushes, a massive page dedicated to "Figmentia" and this site is the home of the Visions in Color and Visions in Putty showcases.

CJ Cummings site of great minis, statues, artwork and other things of coolness! Check out his gear!

Terry (Yrret) Adams' site. He likes to keep up on all the news from sites all over the net, and keeps track of contests, new releases and just about everything! Check it out!!!

Dirk Stiller (aka The Brushguy) is the master of macabre painting. Seeing his galleries on dragons and horror are worth the stop. He has also recently added a lengthy tutorial on painting his Swamp Dragon.

Doctor Faust is the "Ringleader" of the Miniature Painting Web Ring. A master painter, he has many areas worth visiting on his site, including galleries, tips and even the pic of the week archives.

The site of some fabulous Italian painters, Luca Masetti, Matteo De Franceschi aka Beltane and Emanuele Giovagnoni aka Nebchadnezzar.... Beautiful and inspirational work all about! Nice web design as well by "Pirifool".

Jim Jackson's site. A really good painter, terrain builder and gamer. Check out his work on Cool Mini or Not, it's worth it.

This is the site of Paul Raukus. He is an adept painter with beautiful galleries and a really good tips section.

The gallery of fantasy and science fiction miniatures of professional German painter, Holger Schmidt.

Patrick Chamber's site with lots of images and an extensive collection of miniature oriented sites.

Craig Stocks is another talented painter with lots of stuff to check out here.

This is Joel Patton's site. Lots of tips and galleries here as well. Joel is a great guy for critiques if you ask..... :o) Also the mastermind behind the Mini a Week project!

Inge's site with lots of wonderful galleries and great pics!

A new site from a Swedish Painter, Håkan Ek, known as "Bakalla". Some promising stuff here for sure, so check in from time to time and see what he is up to!

The site of Matt Verzani. One day, I will paint just like him!

Eric Louchard's site. A master painter rivalled by few!

Arjay (Russ) is brilliant at painting NMM Chrome. His stuff is absolutely fantastic!

The site of a great painter, Mayne Thiele.

Liliana Troi's site. Another awesome painter that is always an inspiration.

Lots of pics to check out here as well as many other things.

Some really good pics in these galleries and the beginnings of a tip section.

Lots of gallery stuff here as well.

Michal Machowski's site.

Darth Foley's Updated site featuring the Mini of the Week program.

Darren (Saqhara) Pawluk's site. Another gamer and painter also from Alberta :D

Ruben (Errex) Campos' site. In spanish, but he has a ton of great painted figures, and a wide variety as well!

The new website of a Belgian painter, Gerrie Schenck (Corvus)... Some really nice Rackham minis!

This is Zilo's site. Lots of good paintjobs here.

Brother Joseph Byrd is an exceptional sculptor with a unique, bent approach to Nurglings. He has a cool site with some great pictures (spiced up a bit, naturally) and hopefully some sculpting and painting tips soon!

This site is also well worth checking out. Many things here from pics to manufacturers.

A place to post your pics to show off to the world! Just remember that a rating is only someone elses opinion and chances are you are better than they think!

New Vision Studios, a site featuring a painting service, galleries and a forum as well as links to other interesting fantasy things :D

Some cool tutorial stuff here, and pictures of older minis as well :D

Gonzo Miniatures

Jack Stersing's new site. A good solid painter, with a variety of genres and good selection of minis!

Miniature Art

Bobby Wong's page. Great 40K conversions.... all I can say :)

Goodwin's Painting Service

Deane P. Goodwin is yet another great painter that offers his services online.

Small Obsessions

Mike (Sildrotha) McCuen's new site. A fabulous painter and the keenest entrant in my "Crappy mini or not" showcase. He has lots (the beginnings anyways) of helpful tips and pointers as well as some really nice paint jobs.

Matt's Minis

Matt Clark's great site. Long dormant, it has awoken to unleash a plethora of painting tips and how to's! Well worth a look-see!

Caution - Wet Paint

More galleries and tips (including a helpful section on scanning minis).

Hot Lead

Nice galleries and many more things. Lazslo rocks out with a Lava dragon as well as many other awesome pieces!

Mini Matters

Geert Horvers miniature site that is small but growing...

Fernando Enterprises

Miniature Painting service for Metal and Plastic figures of all scales and Periods. A site with an interesting collection of miniature figures.

The Old Miniature Painting Guild

My old site on MSN. Not great but there is some basic tips, galleries and a collection of Erol Otus pictures (remember 1st Edition D&D?).

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