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Calgary's very own Boardgame and tabletop Miniature Convention! September 19th to 21st....

A site for all things Miniature.

A great gaming resource site! Check them out :D

Join the search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Easy to install, minimal system resources... Cool Graphics too!

Mailing Lists and Forums

Mini-Painter The miniature painter's mailing list with over 2500 members and lots of pictures for review. Many painting tips and contacts.

Masterclass Miniature Painters This group is for a more advanced painter, to discuss, share and learn more than just the basics! Also the home of the monthly Golden Toadstool Painting Competition, sponsored by Reaper Miniatures.

TAMP The Alberta Miniature Painters group. If you live in Alberta Canada, and want to get in touch with some local talent, this is the place to go!

Reaper Forum A growing forum managed by Reaper miniatures, with a new monthly contest!

Iron Wind Metals Agora A forum for the Iron Wind Miniatures company that used to be Ral Partha.

The World's of the Eternal Champion A Yahoo group dedicated to Elric and the Eternal Champion, created by Michael Moorcock. Lots of pics and gaming info...


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