Manufacturers' Links


Assassin German company.

Dark Age Based on the dark art of Brom.

Darksword Miniatures Based on the art of Larry Elmore and Keith Parkinson.


Foundry Large selection.

Freebooter Werner Klocke's own line.

Games Workshop The big, bad, evil empire :o)

Hasslefree Brought to us from Kevin White! Awesome dwarves, chicks and Space dudes! Check em out!

Heresy Big Boris, and more!

I-Kore/Iron Mammoth Celtois, Void. Pretty cool figures.

Iron Wind Metals (Ral Partha) The classics... Some of the best minis EVER!

Magnificent Egos Some new creativity out there and interestingly different characters...

RAFM More old gooders.

Rackham (Confrontation) French company. Chicks with big, um, swords, Dwarves, Puppets :D

Reaper Some of the best selection of Fantasy figs for any RPG.

Tactical Miniatures SWAT and criminals... Cool figures.

Thunderbolt Mountain Awesome detailed figures from the Legendary Tom Meier.

Warmachine Big bad machines and characters too!

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