Works in Progress

My newest project is the new giant from GW. He is finished now and can be seen HERE!

He has been base coated with black Tremclad rust paint.

After applying a good base coat of Dwarf Flesh to the exposed skin areas, I begin shading by mixing in scorched brown with the dwarf flesh. Due to the size of this fella, this is a combination of rough wet blending and layering.

A bit more work on the skin. I think one more session to finish the shading on the upper torso and one to finish the legs and hands. After that, highlighting and soem of those other bits :P

Finished shading both arms now, as well as the rest of his face and back. The hand holding the club has also received some attention.

I have finished my shading now, and the next stage will be to do some highlighting. I did a little more definition in the facial areas as well.

Apart from some facial details and finger and toe nails, the skin is done I think.

I have begun the task of paintign the pants and underwear etc. Since these brutes don't get to go to "Big and Small", they need to patch together tunics and clothing from their smaller victims...

The blues are a combination of Vallejo Oxford Blue, GW Ultramarine Blue and Ice Blue. The buff or white areas are all GW paints, Graveyard Earth, Kommando Khaki and Skull White. I may do another panel on the back of his pants white as well, as I need to do a few with red stripes. Also, there will be a few other colors, and all of the scales on his arm armor and loin cloth (not attached yet) will be reddish...

I have used a combo of Catachan green and Bone White to do some more of the pants, as well as Bone white and skull white for a few others.

Reds are a combination of Red Gore, Blod Red and Elf Flesh, and the black is Chaos black, London Grey (Vallejo) and a hint of Wolf Grey (VGC).

The leather lookign bits are Bestial brown, Snakebite leather and a hint of Bone white. I changed my mind on the scales as well. I am going with Scaly green highlighted up with a bright yellowish green. Should be nice.

I have attached the loin cloth and shoulder shield, and also painted the scales with a mix of GW Scaly Green and Vallejo Yellow Green as well as the rough scales in GW reds and oranges.

The armbands are done also, with the right side split between a blue and white and the other red and what will be green I think. I have also done the straps all over his legs, arms and belt in a base color of GW Scorched Brown. Not much detail to pick out yet, though there is still a lot of touch ups to come, lining and freehand (stripes etc...).

After some time away, I have done the skulls and bones hanging from his beard as well as the nails on hands and feet. I will still go back and add some cracks on the nails etc... I also fixed some areas where the different parts of clothing tie together. The bottom of his left arm was done in greens, but that picture is yet to come :) Beard and hair done in greys and the teeth and eyes also done. I decided to do the eyes with a red iris, though the pictures show none of this :D

Well, after a long time away, I have returned to this project. Lots to report too, with the leather straps all painted up now, the "threads" holding his clothing together, the tree and barrel and both shields. I have also began work on a few of the props as well!

Click for large

I have done a lot now, and this will be the last update before I am finished with him this weekend! There will be pictures by saturday for sure! The metals are all done, lots of touch ups and the basing has begun. I need to do soem details still, as well as grass and such.

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