Visions in Color #7

My First Visions in Color Experience Hello all! After painting miniatures off and on for almost 15 years, mainly for the purposes of role-playing games, I discovered the world of online painting at Christmas, 2001. Stumbling upon Dominic's site, I realized how far behind my techniques reallywere (though I was always the "daddy" painter in our gaming groups) and yet how easily I could improve upon them. One aspect of Dominic's site that really caught my eye (besides the Figmentia and his own fantastic work) was the Visions in Color Showcases. What a great way to get involved in the online community. A chance for everyone to show their stuff, irregardless of their level of skill and technical prowess. Luckily for me, I have had much time to practice such techniques as blending, and mixing colors and applying a zillion layers to everything before this (the current) VIC came about.

It all started when we were looking at someone's "cow" killer robot in one of the VIC galleries. Everyone thought that was great. Next we checked out the legions of Abyst pics, and suddenly, there it was. The new exhibit. I perused the picture and the info and slowly shook my head. "No, I am not ready for this" is what I said. That's when my buddy, Spike, piped up and said "What? This is right up your alley! You wouldbe all over that!" So here I am and here is my Visions in Color 7 presentation.

It began with the ordering which turned out to be quite an experience. With no credit card or paypal, I was left with the alternative of mailing cash or a money order. Naturally, I contacted Dominic though I live in North America, so he directed me to Deane in the States. Everything was a go then. Three figures on order (one I have painted here, one for my pal, Lord Sunder, who does not have it completed, and one that was originally meant for me to convert and I later shipped to another great painter, Jim Jackson, who missed out on the ordering) and lots of time to practice! Time wore on. More time, no figures. Hmm. Maybe Canada Post ate my money order, I wasn't sure. Everybody on the mini-painter had pretty much received theirs and I still waited patiently. Finally, knowing how busy Dominic and Deane were, I E-mailed Deane and with a string of expletives, he sadly announced that he forgot to send them out! Three days later,I had them. Next problem that arose though is that I had to move. Not a big move but one that entailed moving a heck of a lot of belongings. Phew, finally it is over with and I can sit down and start. Only 2 weeks until the deadline though! Due to this, the job is a bit on the hasty side (I would guess at about 15 hours work on the painting, maybe a bit more) and the base is outstanding. This is only because I underhandedly stole it from Lord Sunder unawares, the night before the deadline! Then I went and tabbed him in the back by saying how bad it was. I am humbled and apologise obsequiously! Not only this but I have only a scanner so the pictures will not be the greatest.

This figure does represent several breakthroughs in my painting. Firstly, the face (IMO) came out as one of my best, though the scan does not really do it justice. The skinwork is very nice and this is great because most of the figures I paint are either heavily armored, clothed or green! Also,and most importantly I think, was the first honest attempt at doing NMM (non-metallic metal) work. All of the gold trimming on the bodice and the boots was done NMM and I want to thank Craig Stocks for the help and encouragement and Ramon Laan for the picture he posted of the gunslinging swordsman (still a great hilt IMHO).

This has been incredibly fun and I definately would participate in future events like this. A really huge thank you to Dominic Heutelbeck, Deane P. Goodwin, the Visions in Color team and also all of the painters at Mini-Painter, MasterClass Miniature Painters and Cool Mini or Not for the advice, tips, critiques, feedback, inspiration and most of all fun!

I have some new pictures of this beauty up now as well!

Nice camera... My precious :D

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