The Beast

This is a conversion based off of Reaper's Dark Heaven 2706 (Clay Golem). A complete write-up follows the pictures :) He was painted for the Fungal Showdown on Masterclass Miniature Painters for the Golden Toadstool Contest.

Front Right


Rear Right


Rear Left


Front Left

Front Low

First off, this is quite intimidating! Squaring off against some of the best painters in the world is a pretty awesome prospect! During the course of this contest, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching many of the members progress in skill and seeing some of the best works going! Not only this, but I feel I have learned a lot and progressed greatly with my time in this group and especially since the fun contest was started!

I also would like to thank CJ Cummings for his most excellent trophy, and ultimately, Erol Otus for the whacky inspiration that started it all!

I originally was going to create a diorama but other committments took some hand in me choosing a different project. I have chosen the Clay Golem (Dark Heaven 2706) as the basis for my project. I know everyone has done this miniature as The Hulk, so I wanted to do something different. I picked him up at the Sentry Box at our last big TAMP Meet, specifically for this task.

Prep and Conversion Work

I stopped by my fellow TAMPer Gerry's place one evening, to sculpt some hair on him. Actually, dredds... Thought they were more intimidating! So as I was explaining, we were thinking of adding weapons, and voila, there are two large hand axes that would fit perfectly! Gerry helped drill the two holes in his huge hands, and I was away sculpting dreddlocks! I actually made a thin flap over his head, then added "worms" of greenstuff, slightly textured with fingerprints over top and underneath. He was ready to paint.

Skin, Face and Hair

Since he was mostly flesh, I obviously decided to tackle this aspect first off. After basecoating with Polly Scale Engine Black, I did several layers of base skin color using Citadel Dwarf Flesh. Now I really wanted to go with the olive shading again on his skin, but I decided to mix Citadel Bestial Brown into my base colors. A more reddy shade, this worked pretty nicely, and I basically washed darker and darker mixes of the Dwarf Flesh and Bestial Brown into the muscle structure. After this, another base coat of Dwarf Flesh and it was on to highlighting. Basically, I added white to the Dwarf flesh, and sometimes a bit of a mix with the Bestial Brown as well. After all this was done, I went on to the rest of the face. Eyes? Painted the socket area dark first, with Vallejo Chocolate Brown, and then I painted the whites, well white. A dot with the Chocolate Brown and they were done. Lips have a touch of Vallejo Scar Red in the Skin Shade color, and the teeth are painted white, with some Bestial Brown towards the gums. The dredds were painted from Chocolate brown shaded with Brown ink, all the way up through Bestial Brown too Vallejo Light Flesh, in a way to give them some depth. After this, I took a very light mix of the Light Flesh and added quick short cross lines on the dredds to give them lots of texture.


Well wasn't sure what to do here, but I had just seen Angela's awesome Monk conversion of this guy, so I asked about the Tattoo technique. A good liberal spray of gloss coat really helped my confidence. I used a mix of Black and Vallejo Prussian Blue for the color and went at the designs. A few touch ups later, and I am quite pleased with my first serious "body art".


Well this was a problem. At first, I really wanted to do some weathered NMM, and I even went as far as to do half of one of the axes... It was not clicking in my mind however, and I got to thinking that many of the other folks would do snappy NMM. So out came the Citadel metallics. Bolt Gun metal was the base for everything. Once base colored, I used varying washes of black, brown and chestnut ink to shade the metals nicely. Terry Adams had shown me a video clip of CJ "feathering" the metallics with a wet brush so I went at it, and it worked great! A little practice and I will rule :P I highlighted a little with boltgun, and a bit of Mithril silver. Last thing I tried was doing some faint designs on the metal blades with thinned black. Not sure how I feel on those, but I tried. Probably should have gone much darker.

Silk Shorts and Shield

The silky looking shorts (he was great guy until cursed into the form of The Beast) were painted with Vallejo Prussian Blue. I highlighted up by mixing in white and did the stripes with Vallejo Scar Red, Citadel Blood Red, Blazing Orange and white. The shield is an old plastic GW High Elf Shadow Warrior shield so I primed it white, drew the quarter lines on with a Micron pen and went at some designs. The white areas are all base colored with Vallejo Bonewhite, highlighted with white, and shaded by mixing some Chocolate Brown in. The red checkers are the same combo as the stripes on the shorts... The Scar red, through Blood Red, Blazing Orange and some white mixed in for highlights. Green stripes were painted Citadel Dark Angels Gree, shaded with a little Chocolate Brown, and highlighted by mixing a little Citadel Sunburst Yellow and white in.

Basing Materials

I used a 40mm Dark Age base and clipped off the edges of the Reaper base and glued him in with Super glue. I built the base up with greenstuff and once dry and primed black, I used Super glue again and glued the two rocks on, followed by some clean fine sand. Normally I use various techniques involving hobby glue, and I spend ages waiting for it to dry, along with losing some bits while painting... But this time, it was dry and firm in no time flat. I painted the gravel by wetbrushing Chocolate Brown on, and then drybrushing various mixes of Vallejo Golden Brown and white for varying shades. The rocks were painted with Vallejo Intermediate Blue, Vallejo Wolf Grey, and Polly S Engine Black for shading. Lastly, I applied several different strains of grass and plopped him on a nice wooden display platform.

Display Platform

This was a premade piece from Michaels. I sprayed it gloss black and painted the little scrolls on using Vallejo Bonewhite, Chocolate Brown and White. Touched up and cracked the edges with Reaper Gloss Black and wrote the names on with my Micron Pen!

I hope you all enjoy him. I am overall quite pleased with how he turned out!

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