The "Mancubus"

This is a figure produced by Reaper miniatures based on the "Mancubus" from the game "DOOM". He shoots giant balls of fire from his two weapons, consuming all in his path!

The skin tones for this guy were very interesting. I didn't have a whole lot of reference material, so I decided on a bruised purplish discoloring where his implants are, and in various other "tender" spots... The green is a different shading as well, to imitate some rot perhaps. The rest is simply shaded with browns.

All of the metal objects are painted using the NMM (non-metallic metal) technique. Light sources play a major role in this, and keeping things like reflections properly aligned.

The hoses are actually sculpted smoothly, so I painted on the "ribbed" effect, like a high pressure hose. There is a crack where the hose is attached to the weapon ;)

Likewise, the cracks are painted on the weapons as well.

The barrel is a small 1:72 plastic barrel from a World War II model kit. I used the clear craft glue technique to create the toxic ooze... Basically, I painted the glowy fluid colors on the base, and then I applied a small blob of clear craft glue and let it harden. Nice and shiny slime :D

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