Christmas Sophie

This is the 2002 Christmas Sophie. Kind of a Succubus sort of critter... Coming down your chimney :D

Now I was really thinking about what would make a demon terrifying to me, especially a human shaped one.

I decided that a human skin coloring, especially on the ALIEN bits like the wings and dew claws would really set her off.

Of course, there is more to it than just skin coloring. Inspired by Dax, from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, I went and did Trill spots down her sides, arms and legs.

Another touch I like here is the wings having an almost translucent effect towards the bottoms. I tried for a veiny look, where the skin would be thinner.

The shingles were also interesting to do, and I basically shaded them from a dark brown through snakebite leather to a light brown, and then gave them a liberal dose of dark brown ink.

The gold is all donr in NMM or non-metallic metals. These pics will have to do until I can shoot crisper and larger ones :)

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