This fellow is now a "work in progress".... Watch for the evolution...

There isn't too much spectacular here but I really like the figure, especially his head. This is an older mini as well but it is (will be) a worthwhile addition to my collection.

First, the dark brown ink covers all of the old green and brown. Next, I used a wash of dark forest green, followed by some touch-ups with the brown ink. Then I moved to a "slime" green. Sort of mid but bright colored. I watered this down, about 50/50 and started hiliting. Next, I added some lemon yellow to my pallette and hilited further. I then mixed in some white to lighten the color, a little more water and blended the lighter shade on top. A touch more white to finish the hiliting and on to the beard. I found my new orange a bit "gummy" so I had to water it down as well. I followed the same process as the green and added yellow, then white to hilite the beard and hair. Next comes the face, flower belt (elves don't have beards!!!) and staff.

I picked the contrast of purple and blue for his belt, touched up the face abit and quickly brushed the staff with various shades of brown.

Next comes one of my first attempts at flocking the base. I spent ages thinking of what I could use for a base and I finally found a decent sized washer. I chopped up some mossy stuff and pasted it all together....

And there you have it. The restoration is complete except for the odd touch-up but infinately better, I think.

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