Vidar Wolfhelm

This miniature represents the first round of a contest on The Miniature Page. The general idea is as follows: We started with around 80 contestants, and we all posted our finest work. After I believe 4 rounds of elimination voting, the final 10 (11 actually due to a tie) begin The Last Painter Standing Contest. What this involves, is we all paint up the same miniature and do a write-up about it as well. After a month and all the entries are in (or you are eliminated), a vote is held, and one painter is eliminated for round two and so on, until there is but one painter left! What follows is my third write up as it appears on The Miniature Page.

This rounds piece, is Vidar Wolfhelm. He is a Vanirr, or Viking Dwarf, from the I-Kore Celtos line. Following is a step by step write-up of how I painted him up. The first thing as always, is to make sure to get rid of any flash or uneven bits, and prepare the figure for painting. All of the paints used are Vallejo or Vallejo Game Color acrylics, unless otherwise stated.

The first thing we see with this figure, is that the hands holding the sword are seperate from the body. Somehow, I don't think crazy glue alone will hold this, so the red circles show where I need to drill holes for the pin with my Pin Vice. First I drilled the body part left arm, right in the center.

With a short length of paper clip inserted in the first drill hole, I made a mark on the hand side when I fitted them together, so that I could drill evenly on the other half as well. A good match is obviously key. The red circles show the pin in the first hole, and the second hole drilled. Once the figure is prepped, I prime him black and he is good to go!

First thing I like to do is the flesh, face and eyes. Eyes especially, because if I mess them up, I can start over easily :D In this case, I did the eyes after the skin, as there is only a small bit of face showing :) I painted the face around the eye sockets, and then did white eyes, carefully leaving a thin black line around them. Using a spotter, I did small black pupils, and on to the rest of the skin.

The muscle sculpting on this fella is very good! I really wanted to do something cool with it, besides tattoos. Everyone does tattoos. So I started out with a base coat of Dwarf Flesh. A nice ruddy fleshtone, this mixed up with Flat flesh was used in layers to highlight the muscles. Faint striations were done on the muscles using the Flat Flesh and White. Now shading. I have always liked the Barbarian pics by Frazetta and how he gets the awesome skin tones, so I began mixing Reflective Green into the dwarf flesh for shading. I went to about 50/50 for the deepest muscle recesses, giving an interesting olive color effect. I didn't want to mess this up by trying tats either and besides, Frazettas barbarians didn't have tattoos...

Next, I wanted to do a kilt on him, so I went to Inge's site,, where she has the "Pseudo tartan" tutorial since last time I did a tartan, I went nuts with my clan's Tartan, the MacThomas, or Thomson. However, instead of doing a pseudo tartan, my eyes fell on the Huntington example, at the bottom, and that was it. I started out with a base color of Royal Blue. Next, I did fat green lines with GW Dark Angels green. I wanted to highlight up this pattern first, so I mixed some Andrea blue in with the Royal blue, and highlighted the squares. I highlighted the green in a diagonal pattern, using GW Snot green mixed in. I think I used a touch of GW Scorpion green for highlights as well. The cross-pattern is in white and Vermilion, in a pattern such that each "green" row has a thin vermilion line, and every other "blue" line has a thin white line. After carefully (yeah right) drawing these in, and subsequently touching everything up, I dotted where the red would cross each other, just for emphasis.

After the kilt, I based everything that would be gold with White, to get a better color. Then I use GW snakebite leather mixed up with white for all of the NMM gold. I try to dot corners, and some edges with pure white, to really give the glint of gold. I did about half the gold at this point. I also primed the scales and nose guard with Intermediate blue for the steel color. The fella's teeth were done with Bone white and white highlights, and the lips were painted using some of my lighter flesh mix and some Scar Red. Just subtle though, 'cause he's a dwarf, but a guy one... (The girl's have beards too...)

I wanted to do something neat on the inside. I thought a pale skin color would be cool, so I used Bone White and did a little subtle shading by adding some Scar Red to the Bone white. Some highlights along the edge with a bit of white added was all it took. I really thought that cured animal flesh would be perfect for drawing on, or writing up a grocery list say, so I painted some "Bushman" glyphs on the inside using some thinned Citadel Brown Ink. I also wanted to get the hair done so I used a chocolate brown as a base color, and worked it up with some Bone White and white to achieve a very flaxen blonde hair color. The ties on his braided beard were done with GW Dark Angels Green, Snot Green and Scorpion Green. I also did the fingernails on the hands piece, using my magnifying visor. I painted them Flat brown first, then I did a tiny light Flesh mix nail in the center... Cool.

Now I wanted to get the arms on soon, so I based the Wolf pelt with Intermediate Blue and shaded the edges along the inside flesh side with some Citadel Black ink. I did a little darklining here too, using the Citadel black ink, watered a bit.

Now this part really scared me for some reason. The last time I did a huge amount of fur, I simply drybrushed it. Nothing fancy at all. Well, I just couldn't do that here. It was already based with Intermediate Blue, so I lightly highlighted Wolf Grey over most of the pelt, and Bone White over the lower legs and around the jaw. Next I shaded. I used Citadel black ink thinned down for the most part, and Smoke for around the legs, and up the sides. I wanted to get some brown in as well, not just grey. After ensuring this was dry, I went back and re-highlighted with the Bone white and Wolf grey, blending over the darkened areas a little. Next came the white, and some final brighter highlights finished it off. The muzzle took a little fiddling to look good, but I think it came out okay. I did the inside of the ears the same as the inside of the pelt, with the Bone white/Scar red mix. Eye holes, and nose were painted black.

Now I wanted all of the leather he was wearing to be darker, so I used Flat brown for a base color, and picked out the raised parts of the boots and pouch with highlights, mixing in some Light Orange and a bit of white for the edges. The gems were nice. I really wanted some color here, to pop out, so I started with Scar red as the base color. A very dark pinky red. Mixing the highlights upwards, I added some vermilion. Orange red, and White for a pale orangy highlight spot. So my reds go from a pinky to orangy, which I quite like. A small reflected light spot finishes them off. Under the belt is really highlighted for viewing I think, as the light can't really get it :(

All of the steel was painted in the NMM style, using colors from Black/Prussian Blue mix, through Intermediate Blue to White. I did the bracelet really shiny with a bit of a Sky-Earth shine to it, and the rest more subdued. The blade was really fun. The underside is also gradated, though darker than the top. The runes on the sword were shaded with Smoke. Lastly, I had to do the wold teeth, and the claws. I started out with Flat Brown, and Citadel Brown Ink, and shaded towards the tips, through Snakebite Leather, Bone White, and a hint of white. The wolf teeth are very small, so I stuck to three layers I think. Maybe four.

Lastly, I did the base by making a small rock slab for him to stand on out of kneadatite, and then I painted the base inside using GW Ice blue mixed up through white. I want to give the impression of ici, cold arctic water. Once the paint is dry, I use clear craft glue, and level off each side with it. Once dry, it is shiny and looks quite bone chillingly cold :D

Front showing the arctic water :)

Front left, with nice details of the woldhead

Rear left, with claw details, and a great shot of the icy water.

Rear, showing detail of the pelt

Rear right, with sword and hand details

Right side. Nice braids, and wolf head details

Front right. The runesword and Bushman runes on inside of pelt.

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