Kain, Dwarf Warrior

My second Hasslefree miniature, this is Kain, Dwarven Warrior. Very cool figure with lots of neat details. A-plus sculpt by Kev White!

I have painted him in a muted NMM (non-metallic metal) with the main armor being a charcoaly grey, and gold trim.

Funny story, I dropped him when my vise grip (that I hold him with) popped open, and he landed face down on my wet pallette. He was nearly done too. Only damage? A huge glob of white paint on his sporin. Careful cleaning and repainting allowed me to fix it up :D

I have added some slight green tinting to various areas of the armor. Kind of a neat idea...

The armor is very detailed. I really enjoyed picking out the runes engraved on the shoulder pad and gauntlet! Even the scabbard has runes engraved.

The fur was also a fun experiment. After doing Vidar Wolfhelm from I-Kore, I thought to do a more brown and stylized fur this time.

The scabbard and his "skirt" are both deeply shaded tourquoise. Kind of a nice compliment to the armor.

Great muscle details on the exposed arm.

The eyes are hidden inside the helmet quite well, but I got 'em done :)

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