Technomage of Fire

This is another figure for the 1999 game by CELL. It is supposed to be an angel of some sort, but my client wanted him done up as a Fire Wizard for his RPG. A warning right off about this figure: the amount of flash on it is insane. It is almost not worth doing simply because of the crazy amount of prep time needed. At any rate, when completed, h is more than worth it I feel! Also, the ribbons and banner are attached very precariously with pins.

The entire figure is done in the NMM (non-metallic metal) style and also features, yet again, some new things for me. The banner is a freehand experiment of a phoenix flying from flames, and the ribbon runes are also all freehanded.The cream or off-white areas like his sash and the two ribbons on the side of the banner feature a design in white that looks quite interesting and was surprisingly easy to pull off.

All of the gems are done in a green to offset the reds and oranges inherent in the figure.

Lastly, the figure was based in such a way as to emulate standing in a charred circle of grass, with the coals surrounding him. All in all, he turned out very nicely and I probably put over 20 hours into him, from prep to finish!

I WON!!! I won the 14th Golden Toadstool Fun Painting Competition sponsored by Reaper Miniatures with this guy as my entry! This is a treat as I created the contest and run it to showcase some incredible talent every month, and to honor the hard work and improvement of many painters!

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