The Lesser of Two Evils

This is by far the biggest and coolest project I have embarked on yet. It all started on the Techlords Yahoo group, when the Raijing Gaijin started an open convert and paint contest, with a rogue Demon trophy on the line. Basically, we start with our bitz pic and go from there, no holds barred. At any rate, I was a bit intimidated at first, as I had never used "whitestuff" or kneadatite before for modelling and in fact, I had never ever converted anything in my life as far as miniatures go.

This is the basic parts I started with, a Games Workshop stone troll, some Grenadier dragon wings and a bunch of kneadatite. The actual modelling of the critter began by applying thin layers of the putty to his shaped head and once I had the basic shape I wanted, I used a small flathead screwdriver to add the same texture to the sculpted parts as the Troll's original body. For certain little areas (which later would be a different color) I used a small pokey tool to add a different texture. I did make the mistake of squishing his head too hard at one point and I had to redo the whole right side of his head!

I also cut off the arms with my hobby knife (a monumental and wildly innacurate affair) since I don't have a dremel yet and bent them up and repositioned them for a less "hang your arms at your side" look. Once I had finished modelling a bulbous head, tentacles and shoulders for the wings to attach to (oh and a feeble tail), I could start painting.

I decided upon a cool theme of mixing some Nazi soldiers with the Cthulhian beast as a sort of tribute to the classic movie "The Keep".

I had an old Matchbox 1:72 scale mini diorama base for a tank and a bunch of 1:72 german soldiers, so I painted them all up and fixed up the base a bunch and voila!

Having the camera from work for the weekend was beauty as I could never fit this unit on the scanner!

And there we have it! My first ever conversion, sculpting and diorama all rolled into one!

And some pictures of just Him.....

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