Zebeyana, Handmaiden of Lolth

Well, crummy pics for now, but this is the converted Amazon from the 2nd Coolmini or not contest.

Yes, she is the CMoN Amazon, sans giant silly spear thing. Essentially, I had a plan from the very start which is always nice with figures. Except I wanted to do webs on her skirt and such, but I went bugs instead.

The conversion was terribly fun. Cutting wasn't bad, but then I had to smooth and trim the hair, hand and worst of all, the entire shin on the right leg. Next, the fellow that was drilling for me broke not one, but two bits in the sword I was originally going to use (from the old GW Dragon Prince Hero) so I ended up using this sword, but it worked out fine as it has some nice big juicy gems on it :D

The base was all sculpted and textured with blue white kneadatite and left to dry for an hour or so before i primed black. I was also only going ot build a couple of mushrooms, but I had a bunch of putty left over, and they were my first and coming out great so I did a whack of them. I simply cut small lengths of paper clip for the stocks and stuck them in while the base putty was still curing. I heard cork could be terribly useful for basing material, but I did not have any at the time :(

The spiders were all freehand and I decided to do their bodies and heads as gems, just to add a little flair :D It's all about showmanship after all, especially when doing a mini for myself finally ;) I was going ot do more with the cloak, but after some advice from friends, I left it as is. Skin? I think I started with a Vallejo Violet and mixed up with some magenta and then white for highlights. A neat thing I am workign on is color transitions, as opposed to just plain highlighting, so you can see my experiment with the shading on the hair going from blue to purple. Also, another cool epiphany I had, was painting the phosphorescent mossy ground. Looks remarkably like source lighting, though that is not the intent. Watch in the future for my Marcus Gideon that may have something like that on him, or even the Elf King if I can get time to work on him.

All in all however, she was an excellent mini to paint, except for the "cat" mouth and the cream / white cloth that kept sucking up my white, no matter how thick I glopped it on!

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