Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf D

(Panther D)

This is a 1:100 scale Panther D for Flames of War by Battlefront Miniatures Ltd. I painted it for the display in our local Rogue Trader Gaming store :)

It is quite small and measures probably 2.5 inches body length. The figures are 15mm scale I believe.

I used numerous resources for this, including some back issues of Finescale Modeler as well as a great book I got from Chapters called "German Tanks of World War II".

The numbers were a little hasty as I had no decals with it, but I imagine they were all roughly sprayed on back then anyways :D

The kit comes with a resin body and turret, as well as the two track/wheel pieces. Quite heavy overall!

I weathered it a little using some chestnut ink for rust and grime!

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