I wanted a project for our boy's Halloween party and decided I would do something nasty to a cheap baby doll. At first, I wanted to do a very Goth approach but decided it would be too hard so I thought about a little Cenobyte baby...

Using my old bottle of Polly Scale German Light Blue, I painted the entire head a good base coat of this with a large brush. Mixing in Vallejo Game Color Scab Red, I started washing some shading around the eyes, mouth, nose and ears. I simply added more and more Scab Red until I used it solely around the eyes, mouth recess and deepest areas. After that, some brown ink lined the eyes and nostrils and the fun had only just begun.

Using 1/2 inch finishing nails, I made holes all around the baby's skull. I lined in between the holes with mixes of the red and blue and finally dotted the holes with brown ink.

This is a creepy picture as the baby looks as though it is reaching for me...

The arduous task of putting 72 nails into a soft plastic skull is very trying. You get some in, and some fall out... After getting them all done, I touched up the blue scalp here and there, and done!


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