Dorian Hawkmoon

These are the new pics I have taken since I got him back from display at the Sentry Box in Calgary.

The new and refurbished Dorian Hawkmoon. This is a Warhammer High Elf Leader that I decided to use as Hawkmoon for a campaign. I am a huge fan of Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion series and the Warhammer figures come fairly close to many of these heroes.

After much debate and a good blending job on the "purple" sword (IMHO), it was pointed out to me that Hawkmoon possessed the fabled Sword of the Dawn, an incarnation of Stormbringer, Elric's sentient sword. With that in mind and far too many comments about the purple sword, I re-did half of it trying to keep this in mind and capture the "dawn" effect of a rising sun with stars high in the sky kind of look. It turned out okay I suppose...

These are the older pics off of my scanner.

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