Kristina Ymirsdotter

"Many are the legends told of King Conan and his exploits before he became monarch of Aquilonia. Not all are met with admiration, however. In Nordheim the legend of Conan slaying the frost giant sons of Ymir after being led into ambush by Atali, daughter of Ymir is viewed as a tale of a Cimmerian intruder defiling the gods. A band of women warriors has formed, each taking the surname of Ymirsdotter (daughter of Ymir) vowing that no foreigner shall ever again tread the icy wastes that are the abode of Ymir, save those led there as sacrifice. Kristina is one of this band, and rumor has it that she has taken a personal vow to journey to Aquilonia and slay King Conan for his defilement of Ymir many years ago."

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