Kaegan the Marauder

"In the grey, frost-covered land of Thule is a valley in which reside several clans that have tamed various large beasts of the Pre-Cataclysmic Age. Gifted warriors are given the beasts as mounts, and the valley is shunned by outsiders out of fear of this savage cavalry. Of late, a new warrior has risen to power and united the clans, leading his fellow barbarians forth on raids, earning him the name Kaegan the Marauder."

"This was a conversion involving a DZ Miniatures woolly rhino and the Masquerade Miniatures Berserker. The barbarian was originally standing, so I cut his legs off and repositioned them, and also replaced his original boots. The kilt was then sculpted over the legs. The swords he originally held were replaced by the axe and shield (both from Reaper). The spear-head cap on the rhino's horn was sculpted on as well."

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