Sparr Thomson, Drunken Goblin

Sparr Thomson was a cattle rustler, and a drunkard.... Easily angered, he was known to leap into a tirade of foul curses, and if greatly intoxicated, the club "Bovine Death" would inevitably come out. He was a drinker of fine Scotch, and particularly enjoyed Glenfiddich....

Actually, Sparr was painted for MadMcGobbo's first Hasslefree Painting Contest.

The tartan, again, is very close to my own Thomson or MacThomas tartan. This was difficult as the figure is smaller than most and the back of the cloth is very folded...

The mace is painted in the NMM (non-metallic metal) style, and uses Vallejo Smoke for some weathering.

The base was built up with Greenstuff and sand used for the flocking.

The water effect is again my technique where I paint a light gradation on the bottom, and apply some clear hobby or craft glue on top! Quite convincing really :D

The bottle was indeed intended to be a Glenfiddich bottle, though the area for the label is extremely small.

Sparr is For Sale right now.

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