Red Shadow (Osato)

Osato, Shaolin monk from Hasslefree. He was painted up in September, 2005 to represent a character in a friend's D&D campaign (see below)..

Red Shadow the Monk

Red Shadow is a young monk of growing renown. He lost his memory and his body hair at a young age, although he can remember a few fractured memories of time with his parents when he had hair. Found lost in the wilds, a short succession number of creatures (a Dragon, a human ranger, an elven bard and finally a monastery) took pity on the exceptional boy and raised him to survive in the harsh lands of Greyhawk. Surviving the massacre of his monastery only a few months ago, Red Shadow is already developing mastery of the Steel Fist and Snake Fist styles. His will and overconfidence are both incredible and frightening to behold, and his trademark symbol is the Rune of Pursuit...

The sigils on his back and arms represent different things including powers he has mastered..

Yes, the Judas Priest symbol is in the middle \m/

I miss the days of painting figures for D&D characters.. Woe is me for having no time to play anymore!!!

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