"The Bartholomew figure is a personal favorite of mine. Love this sculpture by the old Archive miniature company. He was a pivotal figure in my old D&D campaign. Once reviled and humiliated he rose to become a god... with issues. Humbrol oil based paint."


"Bugbear, nothing too special. I like the color combo, and was also always fond of this more literal interpretation of the BUG bear. Humbrol oil based."

Carapace Warrior

"The Carapace Warriors were painted up using oil base paints with little dabs of clear epoxy glue for shiny eyes. These, like many of my figures were painted up for use in some very free form miniature battles called the "Interplaner Melee". The players were required to paint up their own figures and would then make up the statistics/powers of the creatures. These statistics were then passed to a games master for balancing. When the battles were joined there was much suspense as the different players had no idea of the powers of their foes, which were the toughest etc..."


"Orcs... what can I say, every now and then you have to paint up a bunch of Orcs. Humbrol oil paint."


"The Stink-Jelly was sculpted out of epoxy putty upon a base of melted lead figures. Very fitting as the Stink-Jelly would most likely spring up nourished by the corpses of fallen adventurers. Acrylic (liquitex) paints with glossy after coat."

6 Legs

"6 Legs is I believe a mini from the Gamma World pantheon. Painted with acrylics in two main passes. First creating the blend of pink from his head down to purple at his feet. 2nd pass was layering on the details, toenail, eyes, strange ribbed lips and scaly dots."


"The Slug is a stock mini. What can you say it's a giant slug? This one I painted with acrylics in much the same way as I would paint an acrylic illustration, i.e. I initially covered all of his discreet areas completely with blends/fades or solid colors. Then I applied one wave of details, spots on the belly, stiations upon his back etc... Finally I added a wash of glossy clear on the underside and eye stalks."

Mustard Maw Jelly

"The Mustard Maw Jelly is a custom "sculpted" mini. I melted some humanoids (lizard men as I recall) into a pile then affixed the maw of an old purple worm mini atop the carnage with soem epoxy putty. He was painted up with Humbrol oil based paints. I dribbled a little clear epoxy glue inside the maw for a moist interior look."


"The Dangler is from a War of the Worlds line of miniatures. Again, a two pass acrylic treatment, covering him entirely first with two blends: red to black on his upper carapace area and dark green to a lighter green on his dangling tentacles. Afterwards adding detail touches including a gloss wash on his deep set black eye orbs."

This gallery has been made possible with the expressed permission of Erol Otus. All images of his artwork used with permission.

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