Alyscia of the Forest

Skillfully restored by Becky (Paintwidow).

This is one of the first minis I had ever painted, and the first time I painted her was about 3 1/2 years ago. We didn't have any flesh colored paint, believe it or not!, so I mixed up my own. Yuck! She looks undead, doesn't she?
Anyway, I stripped her and repainted her. Funny enough, my favorite part of her is her breasts, I think they turned out great. LOL She has the little bittiest eyes I've ever tried to paint, and I was happy with the way they turned out. The shading on the back of her came out a little harsh in the pics though. Oh well, this is a really flat sculpt, so I did my best to give her depth. I did the tatoos with a micron pen, and then a super thin wash of flesh ink over the top so they didn't look as drawn on. I based her with food colored oregano that I dried in the oven. Hope you like her!

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