Old Troll

Skillfully restored by Glyn (ZaPhOd) Evans.

Initially, I start with this decrepit old 1983 TSR Troll from the monsters boxed set. I think that this was about when he was painted, my 1984 though it looks as though a feeble attempt at some enhancing was done at some point by someone. I'm not bothering with any cleaning at all so I simply start with a base coat of black. Already, the Troll looks far more vicious than he previously did. I will keep in mind that this is supposed to be an AD&D Troll when I start colring....

Now I have the green "done". I started with a deep forest green, darkened with chestnut ink and did the shading. Next I went back over the dark green and then lightened it a bit with some slimy colored green. After doing all of the raised areas with this, I added a bit of white and started doing all of the little pimples on him. A further whitening makes the pimples really stand out. After this, I went back to the skin by adding some yellow ink to my existing mix. This saved some time mixing and allowed me to have a more yellowy green for the skin. Several lightened layers later, the skin is done. Next will come the hair, eyes, teeth and base. I have had a horrific time trying to do anything with the mittens though.


I went with Sildrotha's suggestion about the oven mitts but couldn't figure out how to have him hold the tray of cookies without mutilating him. My friend, Lord Sunder insisted that I put the tray at his feet with the cookies spilled. Very cool idea! I scratchbuilt the tray from a baking tin and sculpeyed the biscuits. The whole process took me 5 hours to do.

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