Goblin Warlord

Skillfully restored by Joe (Abstracity) Wiedeman.

About 500 years ago I painted this goblin as a hero for the Orc and
Goblin army that me and my brother were collecting (well I guess it was
really only 15 years or so.). Back then I thought this figure was
pretty spiffy and I wanted to do a good job painting him.as you can see,
I outdid myself! Actually, this was a nasty paint job for me even way
back then.I was just interested in getting some paint on him so he could
be used on the table!

Fast forward 15 years or so and I rediscovered this guy down in my
basement. Now, I have to say that I really love this mini! It has so
much character, and he's all heavily armed and armored.he's just really
cool. I thought this would be the perfect mini for my first Crappy Mini
or Not? Submission. If you take a look at the "before" picture you can
see that this paint job is worse than the worst Cool Mini or Not? has to
offer, feeble in the extreme in all regards!!

I like this guy so much that he's actually gonna be part of a little
vignette.I'll send the pictures to old Zaph' to post here when I get it
all done.

Now.I wanted to show all those "mini-strippers" out there that (IMO)
stripping mini's when you want to repaint them is (in the vast majority
of cases where enamel paint was NOT used) a big waste of time. Looking
at "before" you can see that no attempt was made to be neat and the
paint was definitely not thinned whatsoever (I distinctly remember
painting this guy straight from the pots.paint pots that I still have
and use to this day.and they are GW.yeah the old flip tops were (are!!)
the bomb!). Step one was priming. I got out the black paint and
slathered it on good and thick, straight from the pot, nice and
un-diluted; and I still had that old nasty paint showing in places.oh
well.Press On!! I only had a few hours to whack this guy out.

Next I painted all the metals, I started with the silver metal parts and
did the gold after that. After the metals were out of the way I tackled
the face.this is the only green spot on the mini (odd for a goblin!) and
I wanted to make it look really nice since he's got such a wonderful
facial expression going on. I also took care to paint the eye patch
very distinctly at this point.I wanted to be sure people realize what it

The cloak came next along with all the leather bits. I copied the fur
look from a figure that I'd seen at GD Chicago 2003.lots of different
colors were used to get a very natural looking pelt, it turned out okay
but the picture doesn't look right.it doesn't show all the color very

So pretty much everything was done and I thought he needed something. I
painted the checker pattern onto the brim of his helmet, his sword, and
on his dagger sheath to give some extra pizzazz. I don't care how many
people tell me that the checkered effect is old and tired, I still think
it works on Orcs & Gobbos and looks superb!!

Last but not least I painted on the gems on his sword, that helped to
bring some more interest to the figure as well. All that was left now
was the base.

I can't say enough how important good (or even mediocre!!) basing is to
a figure! Look at how shoddy the original looks on his plain black
base. Crap! Some sand, flock, and static grass and 10 minutes gives us
the functional and attractive basing that I use for all my figures.it's
so easy I can't figure out why I didn't base my fig's back in the day!

There you have it.a couple grams of crap turned into a interesting and
characterful figure, and it only took 3 hours! Thanks to Glyn for
making us take a look at the crap we used to churn out!

Joseph M. Wiedeman

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