FALLCON 17, 2004

Calgary, Alberta

This marks the first year that the members of the Alberta Miniature Painters have been invited to the Fallcon Convention in Calgary. This is for tabletop wargaming and many different sorts of miniatures games and board games. We were invited to put on some demos and have some contests and generally share our hobby with the others. We were graciously sponsored by Hasslefree Miniatures out of the UK (Kev White's new line) and Iron Wind Metals (formerly Ral Partha). So away we went to set up our 5 tables at the convention! There were over 200 people this year, so it was a busy hall all weekend!

Saturday am, very early, Gerry is setting up the camera booth. We have the Paint and take stuff with all the paints and figures from Iron Wind set up on the front tables, and the back side table has the camera booth and the place for all of the Bring Your Mini Contest entries.

Here are the entres based in 3 categories... small figure, large figure and open. These were judged by myself, Angela (Saxonangel) Imrie and Gerry (Roktop) Hodgson. These are th elittle trophies we made for each winner!

Bronze, Silver and Gold!

1st Place in large - RAF Lightning by Paul A. Hannah

This thing is tiny believe me! All hand painted details.

2nd Place in large - Word Bearers Dreadnought by Matt Greenberg

3rd place in large - Slaanesh Chariot by Rob Morozoff

1st place in Small - Chaos Lord by Gavin Swainston

2nd Place in small - Chaos Beastlord by Mark Leong

3rd Place in small - Chaos Word Bearers Champion by Matt Greenberg

1st Place in open - Marauder Horsemen for Warmaster by Mark Leong

2nd Place in open - Hawaiians with Scratch built camp by Paul A. Hannah

3rd Place in open - Slaanesh Infantry by Rob Morozoff

These are mor eof the entries:

We had a nice mix of all genres and it made for a fun contest. Of course, once all of our judging was over, we let *everyone* have a careful look, and vote upon the People's choice....

And the winner was.....

The Slaanesh Chariot by Rob Morozoff! Congrats!


There were numerous folks who came and asked question both days, and throughout the time there, we showed some folks some tips on painting faces, shading, highlighting, NMM, and many other things. I even explained everything from start to finish for a fellow who had never painted but wanted his chariots to look better for a game!


On sunday, we held our Speed Painting Contest. Now it was very difficult to drum up folks for these as most people were playing pre-scheduled games already! However, we were lucky enough to have 3 kind souls take part, including Brent, who is one of the event organizers! Now for this, we gave out preprimed Hasslefree Martial Arts miniatures which were perfect! We had one hour, a paper plate, and any amounts of Iron Wind paints. We even turned our lamps off for this!

The clock is ticking away. About 15 minutes into the contest...

My vacant chair. Not sur ehow I found time for taking these :D

Almost finished! Time is nearly up!

Now the judging. It worked out very nice with only 3 competitors and us. They all win prizes! Some great minis given to us by Hasslefree were the reward, and the winners were:

1st Place

2nd Place (Brent Lloyd the organizer's entry)

and 3rd Place!

Of course, the three of us took place as well, and we had a quick public vote for simple braggin' rights :D

1st Place - Osato by Glyn Evans

2nd Place - Takeaki by Angela Imrie

3rd Place - Kado by Gerry Hodgson.

Anyways, we had a really great time there, and we want to sincerely thank Fallcon for having us, and our awesome sponsors for all the help with miniatures, prizes and paints! Hopefully, we will be even more of a success next year!

If *you* have any pictures of Fallcon 17, please feel free to mail some to me for inclusion! I would be happy to expand on this!

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