Grand Tournament 2003


Well, this is my first experience at anything of this sort. Basically, since I do not play Warhammer or 40K, I walked around the combatants, and carefully requested pictures :) There are some very cool schemes and paintjobs here :D

A largish Giant

Some sort of Defiler :O

Some nice flame motiff Wave Serpents.


Another huge piece of Machinery...

Units from my pick for the best painted Warhammer Fantasy army...

And as it turns out, it DID win!!!*

A Tomb Kings army (my pick for 2nd best Fantasy....)*

Night Goblins and what seems to be a piece straight from "Tintin and the Shooting Star"*

Some bad undead fellas...*

A "modified" Wood Elf Hero..*

Please note that pictures of Dan Byers' awesome 40K army are pending :D

A large panoramic view of the games room. Warhammer Fantasy on the left, at break time, and 40K on the right nearing completion.

* These pictures were provided by Angela Imrie.

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