Sentry Box - Calgary

Well on the 22nd, we held our first "travelling" paint meet. Normally, we meet in Red Deer, due to the fact that it is really half way between Calgary and Edmonton. It is handy, especially for myself and Gerry, but the group is always smaller and local interest is there, but slow. This gave us a chance to all meet in a larger center and see what sort of interest there really is! I have to thank everyopne at the Sentry Box in Calgary for helping set the meet up and encourage all the local Calgarians to come out!

This is the entry view to the store. Pretty impressive. That is a lovely rack of Vallejo down there, as well as almost every kind of mini you can think of. Towards the back is the book section, and up the stairs is an entire area devoted to Anime and such.

More minis. The RPG section is all underneath us, and they carry every game imagineable.

My favorite bit is the glass display at the very back, under the Fantasy Games sign. Full of ancient Ral Partha and other OOP figures.. Classics that I already have, or will slowly get! You can see Dan and Gerry setting up at the table for us upstairs. There is also a back room for after hours gaming that can be rented I believe....

Some shots of us at work. A lot of people came out, and I cannot for the life of me remember anyone's names, but I am sure after meeting again and such, that all will become known!

See Dan trying to figure out why the heck GW makes those paint pot lids the way they do....

We ended up pulling out double the tables they had originally set up, so I was very pleased with the amount of people who came out. Some didn't stay and paint, but simply watched and asked questions! Chatting is always a good thing, especially amongst like-minded hobby enthusiasts.

A nice pose, with Harry, Angela, Dan, Gerry and Terri. You can see the lovely display that Angela brought for us to show off our gear!

Dan and Gerry contemplate our "Display of Power"... Maybe Alberta painters can one day steal the entire show at the Demons. I think we have the talent to do it! I guess close ups would be nice, but I really wanted to paint! Most of these are in our galleries anyways :)

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