1st Alberta Mini Painters Meet

Well, considering the amount of known talent we have in Alberta, and the amount of yet undiscovered talent, we thought it would be great fun to get together and have a paint and meet kind of day. Since Red Deer is very central, a venue was decided upon there, at Dave's Fun and Games on Saturday, May 24th! Everything seemed to work okay, except the fact that Dave's store is a real "hole in the wall" and either my maps were not clear enough or people just forgot them! At any rate, once the folks started rolling in, great fun was had by all. It all started at around 11:00 AM for me. I packed up tons of stuff, and showed up there, where a local painter/gamer named Tyler was already waiting to check out some minis! He had been working all night so he was tired and couldn't stick around, so while Dave and I set up the painting table, he checked out my minis I had brought along. Soon after, Gerry from Red Deer showed up, with cases upon cases of Orcs from his Games Day army a few years ago (all very nicely done considering just how prolific they were!!!!) and some new Nurgles that were converted and waiting for work. Once the area was established, I showed the other fellow, Tyler, a quick and dirty layering technique on a figure's robe. He took off, and that was about when Harry Colquhoun showed up.

Now Harry came all the way down from Edmonton and already knew of the place, so he got there pretty early. He unleashed a whack of beautifully painted minis as well, and sat down to begin work on a centaur.... (Great spotting on that fur by the way). At that moment, I thought it was very strange meeting people that I had talked with on the Internet as I have never done that before! So we all began painting, and another local fellow, Will, with his son, came by, and checked out our work, while his son did some quick painting on a Mordheim fella. (I cannot remember their names either). A little later, Angela Imrie from Calgary arrived (aforementioned map problems)... She had LOTS of stuff to bring in, and unfortunately her Eomer took a spill on the way in, though he still looked fantastic, even lying on his side. Believe me, the Black Orc is completely awesome in real life too. Very inspiring. After she pulled out her minis, she disappeared and ended up buying half of Dave's stock I think! Eventually, she settled in and started working on her Valten Hero with the mountain scene painted on the hammers.

Meanwhile (actually while Angela was shopping), Earl Krause and his wife appeared, also making their way down from Edmonton, and out came even more fantastic minis to look at! Very nice folks I found, and Earl dove right into working on a Dwarf figure, while his wife shopped and read some fantasy novels! The Dragon Bookend was very well done, and I think once the other half is complete, it will be a coveted set to be sure :) Yet another Red Deer fella, Grant Dyck (an avid Microarmor player and painter) stopped in to show some minis and they too, were very nice. And finally, my friend and old game buddy Rollin (Phil) showed up after work, and watched and checked out all the awesome work. We had quite a group there by now, and the closing time of 6:00 PM was getting closer. Of course, Dave didn't seem to mind, and we actually stayed and painted until 7:00...

Harry tried to get some pictures, but we found the light wasn't the best and eventually, hunger and strained eyes caused us to pack up and go for a scrumptious dinner at ABC Country Restaurant. We probably stayed there for a couple of hours, and ate, talked and joked about many things, from the evil Coolmini rating system to other painter's and their minis, to movies and just about everything! All I know, is that I had great fun, and seeing all of these people and their fantastic work was very inspirational. I look forward to the next meeting (hopefully soon). It is a shame that more folks couldn't make it. I know Kenneth Chipman from Norway was over visiting and had difficulties finding the store so he missed out, and many others were just too darned busy :) Anyhow, there are a few pics below, showing some of the people and minis (and some of the projects too).

Starting at the left we have Earl's wife, Earl, Gerry, Grant, Rollin (standing), me, Angela and Harry's gear. Harry is taking the picture, so apart from using mirrors and costly special effects, he will not appear in this picture :D Also, you can see the signs on the walls. They tend to be monetary penalties for such things as sitting on tables, leaving litter and swearing.... Wonder how much Dave makes... In the back on the glass case are all of our minis! We filled it right up it seems!


Angela's Golden Toadstool winning Black Orc. Phenomenal work.

Earl's Dragon Cave Bookend. Details are abundant on this! Great stuff.

Harry's Ymyrlix. After the meet pic but it shows off the very cool "soulsword" as I like to call it!

Gerry's Nurgle champ. He began working on this fella at the meet, and I have to say that after trying some new stuff, he will have an outstanding army in no time!

My "Lesser of Two Evils" diorama.

Well, that about wraps it up. Until the next meet, have fun everyone and thanks for the inspiration! Oh, and bring your own toilet paper!!!!

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