7th Annual Blackfalds Soapbox Derby, 2004

Well with some help in the form of sponsorship from the Blackfalds Optimist Club, we built our first Soapbox Derby car for Bradley. The materials were all donated and we built the car in a day. The painting took much longer of course, and BJ did most of the work there (close to 40 hours I think)!!!

The Paintjob

After several coats of prime, and then several coats of blue, pictures were imprinted and then drawn on the car.

Bradley meticulously fills the color in on Garfield. This took several layers of paint.

The front "hood" number.

The nose of the car. Fitting picture really :)

Garfield on one side...

And the other!

Odie on the right side, with the 19 number.

19 and the Garfield!

Flames on the front side of the car.


Flames and the Optimist club decal on the other side of the car.

Odie on the right side.

The plush interior of the racing machine!

The right side, on a nice sunny day!

Front end. Garfield looks somewhat flattened :P

The left side of the car.

The fearless driver poses in the cockpit. Only thing left is the steering wheel!


Race Day

8:00 am - en route to car inspection. I think I should have been steering...

Looking up the track from the bottom of the hill. Hay bails are for protection....

Fixing an upside-down sponsorship sign halfway down.

Behind the starting platform. Each heat, this is where the cars would line up.

Some of the cars. Many creative styles....

and snappy paint jobs too.

The flames... Cool job. Won "Best Dressed" I believe.

More cool cars.

And more even :D

A fellow workmates car (EXH).

The Garfield mobile sits pensive on the tarmac...

A race car driver and his Mom!

This one is pretty cool. Been around for a while I think.

Even opens up like a drag racer....

More cars... If only they had motors.

You get to see a LOT of pushing :)

Some later arrivals.

Just a single, waiting for the last contestants to pull in.

Pretty cool driving compartment on this one!

The shark-mobile! Neat paint job for sure.

Some friends watch what's going on....

More cars show up!

This one had maps all over it :D

and a Lightning racer....

A few more yet!

Getting ready to start soon. All of the cars are lined up on the sides...

Half here.

And half here.

Ooops! More cars yet! In fact, this little fella really wanted me to take another picture....

of his Octane Booster!!!

The table sporting all of the trophies and prizes... Pretty cool stuff!

Downhill from the starting platform. The quads have special wheeled bars to bring the racers back up.

The race is underway!!! Bradley's friend, ahead of the EXH car...

Bradley is lined up in the number two lane.

Here they come!

Neck and neck...

And down towards the finish line.

Another great shot up close!

The "Open" category squares off. They had modified tires or bodies.... A little faster perhaps :D

Bringing the cars back up to the start.

A spill down at the end of the track...

Bradley rides back up in style :)

All of the racers...

And the volunteers too! A great day and a great event that was loads of fun for everyone!


Video Footage

These short video clips were shot with my digital camera and are low rez and fairly short, but kind of cool nonetheless...


for best results!!!!

Crash Video Clip (~15 seconds)

Bradley Winning a RunVideo Clip (~15 seconds)

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